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A Computerized Entrance Examination for

No description

Rommel Mendiola

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of A Computerized Entrance Examination for

A Computerized Entrance Examination for
St. John of Beverly School

Background of the Study
St. John of Beverley was established in 1995. It was born from a vision of a woman, Madame Erlinda P. Mercado whose main concern is to leave a legacy that is worth living for the young. Turning this vision into reality is a decisive response to the challenges and changes in the 21st century education marked by the Information Age.
General Problem
How to create a computer-based system that will speed up the processing of the Entrance Examination for St. John of Beverly?
General Objective
The proponents aim is to develop a Computerized Entrance Examination for St. John of Beverly.
Overview of the Current System
St. John of Beverley uses manual system in their entrance examination.They use papers, answer keys, and questionnaires like most other schools with entrance examinations. The results are checked manually by the exam proctor based on the answer key provided by the administration office.
Current System
Proposed System

Scope and Limitations

• Security / Log in Interface
• Questions with the corresponding choices
• Result of the Examination
• Back up and restore data
• Online Result
• LAN-based system
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