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Ethnic Group- Arab

By Skylar Horton and Taylor Burns

Taylor Burns

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Ethnic Group- Arab

African Ethnic Group: Arab
By Skylar Horton and Taylor Burns
Where- live in North Africa and parts of the horn of Africa.
How- they are split into three main ways of life- urban (large cities, etc.), rural (farming), and nomatic (traveling constantly, don't have a true place in which they live)
How do the Arabs live?
Food- main diet of barley, dates, wheat, rice, meat, and yogurt products such as labneh (yogurt with butterfat)
Customs-interest in horses and poetry due growing up around these things.

Customs and Food
They are Muslim
*women have to cover all parts of body in public
*book of worship- Qur'an
*day of worship- Friday
*Founded by Prophet Mohammad
*house of worship is Iman
* men are in charge of the household
*men have power over women
Role of men and women
Official language- Arabic
Clothing- Long, flowing clothing to allow air circulation to keep them cool.
Women wear headdresses called a Keffiyeh. They are decorated with patterns that usually represent what tribe, clan, or family they come from.
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