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Yiyan Wu

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Here begins an interesting cultural journey Basic information about Lois Lois Kordosky Basic information about Xiaozhen Xiaozhen's Life Lois's Life Birthday: March 15th 1946 Thanks for your patience Xiaozhen Tong Birthday: November 25 1918 Nationality: American Gender: Female Nov.25 1918 1936 18years old first job 1939 got married After Great Depression the economic crisis beginning with the stock market crash in 1929 and continuing through the 1930s. 2012 Nationality: Chinese Gender: Female March 15th 1946 1960
first job 1966 married 2012
Now Cultural Revolution The Cultural Revolution was a chaotic mass movement in the People's Republic of China. Mao Zedong launched it in 1966, claiming that elitists were undermining the government and Chinese society. Schools were closed and millions of young people were mobilized as Red Guards, who were encouraged to challenge old ways. Books and artwork were destroyed, along with thousands of museums and temples. Individuals in positions of authority were denounced and attacked, and widespread anarchy and terror disrupted the urban economy and industry. Officially, the Revolution was declared over in 1969. However, chaos and political power struggles continued until Mao's death in 1976. Since then, most of the tenets and reforms of the Cultural Revolution have been abandoned. * 50 cents/day
* sewing is her
favorite job
* work hard Childhood her father used to talk about school when he was a child, he especially liked to talk about math Her mother preferred to talk about Danish cultural because people of her mother side are all from Denmark sliding all the way down from the hill near her house was her best memory Lois was only 19 years old Lois met her husband in a party They didn't live with their family Now Lois is living in
a senior center,
River Falls She got her first job when she
was 14;she married to a stranger at 20;
she left home with five children because of
her alcoholic husband at 34. She is the
strongest woman I have ever met.
She is my grandma. Childhood grew up in a large and complicated family 10 siblings in total The eldest child in her family She started working in another
province when she was 14 years
old to do some farm work; it was
only because there was not
enough food for her family The Second Job of Xiaozhen She got this job when she was 18 Learned skills from her stepfather to be a craftsman The money they got paid only enough for their food Marriage was the beginning of misery They were forced to get married She got married when she was 20 They have five kids Alcoholic grandfather abused grandma Grandma took all kids away from alcoholic
grandfather Raised five kids all by herself She lives with my family
"house grandma"
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