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The One And Only Ivan

No description

Ryan Tay

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of The One And Only Ivan

The One And Only Ivan
Katherine Applegate
7th Grade Summer Reading
The mood in this book is used to make the story more dramatic and to help the reader understand the narration. In the beginning of the book, the mood of the book is very gloomy and sad. Then it becomes anxious when Ivan decides to free Ruby. It continues through the climax and the falling action until the resolution, when it becomes happy when Ivan and Ruby get better care at a zoo.
Man/Animal vs. Man
The conflict in this book is man vs. man. It is used to further the plot and help end the book. It is man vs. man because Ivan has to get Ruby free from Mack by getting the billboard picture he drew on the billboard.
Dynamic Character
In "The One and Only Ivan", Ivan is the main dynamic character. This is used to help set the mood and to direct the story with plot changes. He is dynamic because his point of view on freedom and life is changed over the course of the book.
Ryan Tay Mrs. Thiers 2nd Period
At the Big Top Mall, there is a silverback gorilla. He is Ivan. There is also a stray dog named Bob and a sickly elephant named Stella. Their life isn't very good, but only Stella really realizes this. When another elephant arrives from the wild, everything changes. Ivan has to reconsider his view of freedom, but can he understand it?
Rising Action 1
Stella dies of an untreated foot infection, so Ruby is all alone. Ivan promised Stella to free Ruby, but can he accomplish this task.
Rising Action 2
Ivan starts to think about how to free Ruby and decides to use art to do this. He has the idea of using paints on paper and then putting the paper together to fit on the billboard outside the mall.
Rising Action 3
Ivan's first attempt ends in disaster. When the papers are put together, it doesn't look like anything. Will his next try work?
Falling Action 2
Then people come to take Ruby and Ivan to good zoos. Julia, the janitor's daughter who got Ivan interested in art, adopts Bob.
A quote from the climax is: "I finally have someone to protect." Ivan says this when he gets angry to get Ruby free to a zoo. This is the climax because it is where Ivan finally accomplishes what he was doing to save Ruby, and saving Ruby was the conflict of the book.
Falling Action 1
After people see the billboard sign about freeing Ruby, they come to protest the bad treatment of animals there. An inspector arrives and sees the claw-stick Mack used to train Ruby.
“She’s here, Stella,” I whisper. “Ruby’s safe. Just like I promised.” Ivan says this when he sees Ruby safe.
The theme of this book is to treat others kindly, even if they are animals. You should treat others like how you want to be treated. It also means that you should help others, no matter what they are. This song represents the theme of this book because it is about friends and friends do what the theme is in the book.
Katherine Applegate.
The one and only Ivan.
New York:
HarperCollins Publishers Inc, 2012
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