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The Element Baby Book

Victoria Castaneda

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Boron

Boron By; Victoria Castaneda Best Friends Pictures Playing With Friends When I Grow up I Want to Be...... Middle School Sience Class Picture Family Tree Baby Picture Home Address Boron Race:Semi-metallic 1808 The nickname of Boron is B. It's birth weight was 11 lb. It's gender is solid (nonmagnetic). House Number - 5 The family name is Boron. Classmates- Lithium, Beryllium, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen,Fluorine, Neon Its best friends are Flourine, Chlorine, Hydrogen, Bromine, Oxygen. It plays with electron defecient compounds. a Volcanic Spring Waters It's Attending Physicans were Louis Jacques Thénard and Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac. Boron's place of birth is France. Street - Two City - Semi-metallic State - Periodic Table 5 Two Semi-metallic, Periodic Table The name of all brothers and sisters are Aluminum, Gallium, Indium, Thallium. Some properties they share are rough in texture
black, white, or gray for the color has a small shine
or luster forms electron poor hydrides that can exist in many different shapes and formulas
because of the hydrogen bridges it can form. Elemantary Picture Highschool Picture Collage Gaduation Picture
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