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Citing references. Harvard style

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Carin Bjarsch

on 27 August 2012

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Transcript of Citing references. Harvard style

Let´s see how to write references according to Harvard style CITING REFERENCES

Harvard style Use the author’s last name, year and the pages In running text Hide details easily So.... In reference list ”The global economy is”… (Wilson 2006, p. 66).


… according to Wilson (2006) the global economy is… ...all items should be listed alphabetically by author or authorship. Note!
Different types of publication require different amounts of information in the reference. Cite your sources correctly! read more? Guide to Harvard Style of Referencing (Anglia Ruskin University Library) :

Writing and Citing (Gothenburg University Library):
This was just a few examples of different reference types. ...like this: All sources that you cite must be included in a list of references. This list must contain all the information about the sources needed to distinguish them from other sources and to enable readers to locate them. To cite sources correctly, authors use a number of different citation styles. ...and today... Citation styles

All citation styles have in common that they describe exactly what information about the source you need to present when you refer to the source . Some citation styles:

MLA Required elements for a reference to an e-journal article: Required elements for an e-book reference: Required elements for a reference to a journal article: Required elements for a book section reference: Required elements for a book reference:
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