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Le slip français trade show

No description

Baptiste Collomb

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of Le slip français trade show

Trade Show Steps
1. Find the event suitable is the keystone. No chance, be a strategist.

2. Appoint a project manager "trade show" is the architect that will punctuate the event.

3. Definition of the planning

4. Definition of business objectives
Le slip Français
The French Slip is a French company founded in 2011 that produces and distributes underwear and accessories primarily on the internet.

The company caught the attention of the media with the buzz created by the launch of its "slip that smell good.", and because of her communication on the trend of the 100% Made in France.

The brand is born in 2011thanks to its founder, William Gibault (a graduate 25 years from HEC Paris).

The company's communication is mainly done on social networks (Facebook, Twitter), and aims to adopt a tone shifted.
Product line has expanded and diversified: firstable they were only briefs man: blue, white, or red, as an allusion to the French flag (today their is other colors).

The brand also produces underwear for women and children. It diversifies the segment of traditional French products with " charentaises", "marinière", "espadrilles" or even "boules de pétanque", which it developed in partnership with the French company Obut.

Since 2014, a partnership with Saint James Le Slip Français marketed a line of swimwear and beach towels.
Mistakes to not do
The mistake would be to think that exposing is simple, without any specific preparation, and think your own presence on a stand or space enough to finalize trade relations and develop your business!

It is appropriate to adopt an organization, real strategy and specific means to ensure a positive ratio: Budget / Business / Profitability.

There is steps to help you optimize your preparation and participation in a professional event.
Trade show aims
The objectives for companies may be multiple:
New customers can discover, buy products and / or solutions can be presented by companies during the fair. It's pick to win!

It is also a time of sharing and exchange with customers at a trade event. The inviting, pampering and develop the

The presence of the communication tools on a local area, regional, national and international developing visibility for the company image and increasing awareness of impact. Communicate before, during and after!
Le slip français trade show
WHO'S NEXT is the meeting place for all actors of fashion !

For over 20 years, WHO'S NEXT Prêt-à-porter Paris is positioned as THE place to promote creation.

Young designers of brands, from urban labels to craftsmen, this trade show have always emphasized the beauty products and know-how, regardless of the context or origin.
key figures
58,000 visitors each edition
36% international
2000 exhibitors
35% international
68 000 m2 gross
nomenclature exhibitors
Clothing: 40%
Footwear 14% J
Jewelry 15%
Leather goods, luggage bags: 14%
Scarves: Hats 8% 5%
Other accessories: 5%
profile visitors
Buyers: 48% Agent: 6% Concept Stores: 5% Department Stores 4% E-commerce: 4% Other (stylists, etc.): 33%
We will name the brand marketing manager to lead the project, also the sales manager will be present.

Finally we think the presence of guillaume Gibaut odds for the success story of the brand.
We recommend to participate to the who's next trade show during the 2 and the 5 September 2016

Retailers buy for summer 2017 in that period, for their shops.

business objectives:
ROI of the trade show,

Increase Business and marketshare,

Increase notoriety or make known,

show the women range, the swimsuits range and goodies made in France.
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