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To Wales, UK! Allons-y!

No description

Geeky Pinkie

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of To Wales, UK! Allons-y!

To Wales, UK! Allons-y!
Where To Stay?
We'll be staying at the Best Western Plus Maldron Hotel, located right in the center of Cardiff, Wales. But such a place doesn't come cheap, Every day the hotel room costs $66.12 Pounds, which is the equivalent to 111.00 Dollars!

Day One: Cardiff Touring!
Cardiff is the capital of Wales, and also inudes many attractions! I'll be seeing the Cardiff Bay today, but first we need breakfast. Three breakfast platters from our hotel come first, costing about $40.29 altogether. We'll look around on Cardiff Bay and catch a boat to look around overseas. After that, we'll eat lunch in one of the bay's restaurants, Oriental Gardens. A buffet with foreign country specialties! Then, we will visit the Norwegian Church that allows a brilliant view of the Mermaid Quay boardwalk, which we'll also go through! When our feet break down from all the walking, we will eat back at the hotel and call it a night.
Day Two: BBC Broadcasting!
Sure, it may not be as thrilling as seeing BBC studios where the hit shows are filmed, but wouldn't it be a blast to see a different branch of the BBC? Today I'll be visiting the BBC Broadcasting House in Cymru where they record, play, and manage all the radio and news shows in Wales! There, we'll be able to watch live broadcastings, and make a full fledged drama radio with sound effects, music, and everything! For lunch, we will eat at Blas ar Fwyd, a Welsh restaurant. After drinking some tea, we'll eat dinner back at the hotel and end off day two.
Thanks for Watching!
I'll go to the UK... someday. Meanwhile enjoy this:
How to Get There?
First through car, then through plane, then through car again! It may seem complicated, but it really isn't. First we drive to the Atlantic City Airport, and we depart through plane to Wales. Once we arrive, we'll need to get around, so we rent a car, of course. This car is a Mitsubishi Colt, it's not the newest car but It will get us around easily so why not?
The total cost is about
In U.S Currency!
What does the Broadcasting House do? This.
Day Three: The Water Tower
Breakfast won't appear to change, but that doesn't mean the activities won't, either! Today I'll be going to Roald Dahl Plass, the home of the Water Tower featured in many hit British shows like 'Doctor Who' and 'Torchwood'. Right next to it is the Wales Millenium Centre, which fatures several events of arts like plays and musicals! For lunch, we'll have to try tea at a shop called "The Clink," which also has an array of sandwiches and salads! Then the day ends. Maybe we'll take a dip in the hotel pool just before sleeping, maybe.
Check out the Millennium Centre and the Water Tower!
Day Four: Ye Old Cardiff Castle!
Hergy Hergy! Today after breakfast, we'll tour the Cardiff Castle! This is an actual monument lasting for over 2000 years! People have kept it in mint conditionwithout altering anything, so the castle looks like how it would have been ages ago. Here, there is also a live joust! Two men reenact knights of the old ages who fought on horses with swords! Since there will be a full tour of the entire castle AND the joust, it will be evening by the time we get back. No lunch then! Maybe just some snack like a hot dog from a vendor there.
Day Five: Techniquest!
To conclude this thrilling 5 day vacation, why not visit a museum of electricity? Techniquest is just the place. It makes the science of electricity fun and easy to grasp! ALso locared near the bay therefore easy to go to and return to the hotel, it seems like the best way to end off the vacation. Lunch and dinner will be at the hotel, as we spend our last night. The day after that, it's back to U.S.A!
A Seven Pin Trick at Techniquest!
We don't have unlimited money, so this trip took quite a toll on my mother's wallet. If we had to make the story easier, just look at how much this is.
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