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Mission to Mars

No description

Wyatt Adwell

on 2 May 2017

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Transcript of Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars
When are we going and why?
Jul y 4, 2020
We are going on 7/4/20 because we are going to honor America by taking one more giant leap for man kind.
Food & Drinks
Nestle Waters® Pure Life Purified Water, 0.5 liter Bottles, 24/Carton, 78 Cartons/Pallet x100 = $41,997
Goldrush Potatoes x200 = $1,298
Party Size Doritios x60 = $299.40
Oreo Ice Cream x100 = $399
Potato Stix x 100 = $398
Space Suits x4 = $5 999.96
Fuel x1,000,000= $512.4 million
Our mission is to find life and build structures.
We are using a rocket from NASA and the launch will cost $500 million.
Our sponsor is NASA.
Our budget is $1,100,000,000
Who is going?
By: Wyatt, Holden, & Tate
Matt Damon
What is our mission?
Bubble Dome x4 = $3024.52
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