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Controlling Idea

No description

Tara Callahan

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Controlling Idea

Controlling Idea
Controlling Idea vs. Controlling Idea
Remember the difference between the INTRODUCTORY controlling idea and the controlling idea in EACH PARAGRAPH.
Introductory Controlling Idea
A THESIS STATEMENT is a short statement, usually one sentence, that summarizes the main point or claim of an essay.
Thesis Statement (Controlling Idea)
It is DEVELOPED, SUPPORTED, AND EXPLAINED in the text with examples and evidence (QUOTES!!)

Without the thesis statement, you will LOSE YOUR AUDIENCE.
Controlling Idea in the Meaty Paragraph
A CONTROLLING IDEA is the main idea of each paragraph that supports your thesis statement.

All the other sentences in the paragraph should support the topic sentence.

It helps the reader understand the message of the paper.
When writing the controlling idea for your meaty paragraph...
1. Use transition words
At first,
2. Use key words from the prompt or thesis statement (introductory controlling idea)
3. Use the reason you listed in your thesis statement

Example: AFTER Johnny surrenders to the fatal burns he receives in the church fire, Dally's tough facade fades away as he succumbs to his emotions.
Analyze a character and discuss how they change in the story.
Harry Gold, Bomb

1. Serves as a Soviet spy in the beginning
2. Internal conflict about whether or not to continue hiding his secret life
3. Decides to stop lying and tell the truth to the FBI

Serving as a Soviet spy for most of his adult life, Harry Gold, struggles within himself about continuing to hide his secret life before deciding to come clean to the FBI.
It is neither too broad nor too narrow.
If it's too broad, you won't be able to discuss it in a single paragraph.

If it's too narrow, you will have difficulty writing an entire paragraph about the topic.

Look at the example!
A topic sentence has two parts
1. It names the topic.
2. It expresses the idea about the topic.


At first, Dally is the type of person that everybody wants to stay away from.

1. Dally
2. Everybody wants to stay away from him.
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