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How to write an email to a teacher

No description

Mrs. Fantle

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of How to write an email to a teacher

How to write an email to a

Address it!
To: Include the main person you are writing to. If the email is addressed to more than one person, include the person (or people) here as well.

Cc: List the people here who you wish to receive a copy of the email, but are not included as an addressee in the body of the email.

Bcc: People listed here will receive a copy, but no one can see that they received a copy. They will not be included in a "reply all."
The subject area should have as few words as possible that describe the content of the email.
Do NOT leave this area blank, or put "Hi!" or only use the subject as as the complete email.
subject: Narrative essay
subject: Hi, Mrs. Fantle
subject: I'm sending you this essay to read.
Body of the email
Include a salutation (greeting) such as:
Dear Mrs. Fantle,
Mrs. Fantle,
Do not use a more informal tone such as:
Hi Mrs. Fantle,
Include a closing such as:
Thank you,
Review your email
Double check your recipients.
Is your subject area still appropriate?
Re-read your email.
If you are asking something of the teacher is it worded as a request, not a demand or an assumption?
Did you say please and thank you?
Now hit "send!"

Before you start writing
You should write your teacher if you have an assignment that you are allowed to turn in via email.

You should write your teacher if you have a question that can be easily answered in a paragraph or less.
Bad topics for email
If your teacher has specified that you are not to turn in your assignments via email, don't try to do it anyway.

If you would like to request a special favor, such as an extension for an assignment, do it in person.

Don't bring up a topic that will require continuous conversation.

If things become heated, there is a large risk for misunderstanding, so it's best to talk face-to-face.

Have the subject area filled in, a salutation, a body, and a closing.

Write in a positive tone.

Avoid negative words.

Use emoticons sparingly and only when appropriate.

You can use contractions to create a friendly tone.
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