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Back-to-School Night 2012

No description

Jennifer Lee

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of Back-to-School Night 2012

Back-to-School Night 2016
Third Grade
Room 3
Jennifer Lee

Room 3 Infomercial
About Mrs. Lee
BA in History and Psychology
: Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential
: Certificate in Gifted Education

Teaching Experiences:
(1985-1992) Mulholland Middle School
(1992-1997) Holmes Middle School
(1997- present) Balboa Magnet Elementary
Mrs. Lee’s Professional Career
3rd Grade Curriculum
California Treasures Reading Program
Core Literature

Charlotte’s Web
Cricket in Time Square
Trumpet of the Swan
Sign of the Beaver
Writing Program (supplementary)

Write From the Beginning

(Narrative, Expository, Descriptive)
Step Right Up to-Writing
Depth and Complexity Icons (Sandra Kaplan Gifted Education)
Thinking Maps
Cursive Handwriting
Language Arts
Eureka Math: also known as Engage NY. Common Core aligned program

My Math: Used for homework only

Advance Math Packets:
Multiplication, Division, Decimals, Fractions,

6 minutes timed test: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, advance addition, advance subtraction, advance multiplication, advance division, fraction, and decimals
Our Communities
– Scott Foresman

From Sea to Shining Sea
– Houghton Mifflin
Biomes: Ocean, Forest, Desert, Prairie
Native American Tribes:
Kwakiutl, Cheyenne, Navajo
Adaptation to their environment
Social Studies
Science Lab with Mr. Huynh
FOSS: Science Resources
Matter & Energy
Life Science
Health & Wellness: Macmillan/McGraw-Hill
Our body systems
Drugs: How it affects our body
Food groups
Owl Pellet dissection
Spiders Unit
September: Book Project (fiction)
October: Community Project
November: Book Project (Mystery/Sci-Fi)
December: Holiday Program
February: Famous Artist PowerPoint
March: Book Project (Newbery Medal)
April: Native American Report
Native American Day
May: Science Project
Young Author's Book
Charlotte’s Web Play
Major Projects and Events
Homework Packets
Weekly packets given out the Friday before
Turn everything in on Friday
My Math
workbook: keep at home

Daily Reading Homework
Read at least 20 minutes each day
Log pages and write a short summary on Thursday night
Parent signature needed on green reading logs

(Read 1000 pages, earn a trip to Taco Bell or McDonalds or $30 Balboa Dollars for auction event)
Rubrics 4, 3, 2, 1

98 - 100 4 + ✔
93 - 97 4
90 – 92 4 - ✔
85 - 89 3 +
75 - 84 3
70 - 74 3 -
68 - 69 2 +
63 - 67 2
60 - 62 2 -
59  1

Grading Policy
* Mondays: Orchestra (Only for selective students: time
varies depending on instrument)
Library 1:05-1:45

* Wednesdays: Science Lab 10:40-11:30

* Thursdays: Music 9:45-10:15
PE 1:40-2:10

* Fridays: Psychomotor 8:25-9:10
Computers 1:05-1:45
Arts Prototype: TBA (Oct-Dec)

* Videoconferences: CA State Parks Rangers
(Anzo-Borrego & Crystal Cove)
Enrichment Classes
Mr. Richmond
Coach Adrian
VT Ranch (Santa Clarita)

Satwiwa (Santa Monica Mountains)

Gene Autry Museum (Griffith Park)

Call for an appointment or…
Email me
Sign-up for Fall Report Card Conference
Spring Report Card Conference (TBA optional)

Room Parent Introduction
Stella Samuel (Betsy's mom)
Mrs. Brigham
Mr. Huynh

For use in the classroom for projects, research, and resources
Google Classroom
Other educational programs & Apps
- Brain Pop
- Reflex Math
- Mobymax
- Matific

other apps for cursive, math…

Ipads are here…
Learnball: Team points to enhance positive behaviors
Class Dojo: Free app for both the teacher and parents. It provides immediate communication and real-time notification of points with family, along with direct teacher messaging, and Class Story updates.
Students earn points when caught following class behavior expectations, participating, and following rules.
Students may lose points and/or be given a Think Sheet after being given warnings and still not following the rules.
Homework completion and sign reading logs

Review returned work. Usually sent home on Fridays.

Schedule vacations during non-school days.
Send a note after an absence

Encourage your child to read chapter books.
Things that you can do at home
Positive Behavior Management System
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