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english catcher in the rye prezi


Griffin Gildersleeve

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of english catcher in the rye prezi

COLORS Drive Red Green Core the parts of his life that he likes are represented by red, for instance on page 50 when he is describing his brother Allie, he says how Allie's hair is really red. throughout the whole book holden explains how much he loves Allie, and he is represented by red. also on page 24, the things he doesn't like are green. adulthood and meanness is represented by green. for example, a prostute has a green dress, which he describes as depressing on page 125. this is related to a stop light because he makes red like childhood, STOPping growing up. green means adulthood, and GOing into a new mature life. Holden sees everything as just
red and green. most of the things
he likes are red and what he
doesn't like is green.
Thesis: throughout the story,
holden realizes that the world
is not simply red and green, and
that life is a color wheel instead. holden looks for an explanation to everything
he even subconsciously categorizes all of the
important things in his life by color, whether they are red, or green, and later even yellow and blue Colors in The Catcher in the Rye Green is the color that holden doesn't like. The
Green Dress of the prostitute makes him sad. Green represents maturity, which holden is afraid of. Also, written in green ink on allie's baseball mitt are poems. This is mature, not something most children would do, which is why it is in green. Griffin Gildersleeve red is used by Holden in many cases. Allie, his brother whom he loves, has red hair as well as phoebe. Holden also has a red hunting hat which he wears all the time and absolutley loves is red. The tears of Jane, one of his favorite people, land on a red checkers square. Holden likes red More Than Just a Stop Light Yellow is the final color of the stop light and is only included when on page 117 holden calls himself yellow. Bye the end of the book holden shows that The colors are more than just red green and yellow. It is a circle. A color wheel, for instance, phoebe's blue jacket on page 213 is not part of the stop light. it is something completely different. it is part of the circle. Mr Antolini is another example. he is described as both relatable and responsible. he is known by his childish sense of humor and the respect he maintains. Holden is going around in circles, doing mature things like drinking and protecting young minds from innapropriate language, to childish things like dreaming about running off to live alone in the woods.
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