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A Mole of Gummy Bears

No description

Barbara Avalos

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of A Mole of Gummy Bears

A Mole of Gummy Bears
Mass of a Gummy Bear
I found out the mass of 30 gummy bears from two different bags.
First, I measured 15 from one bag, and got the result of 40.1g, and then divided this number by 15, to get the mass of just one.
40.1g/ 15 = 2.67g
Water displacement
2 cm3 per Gummy Bear
How many moles of gummy bears are from San Francisco to New York?
We first multiply the length of a gummy bear by Avogadro's number.
2cm x = 1.204 x10^24 cm
The gummy bear was 2 cm tall, 1cm wide,
and 1cm deep.
Volume = h × w × l
= 2cm x 1cm x 1cm
= 2 cm^3 or 0.02 m^3

I also measured the volume of 10 gummy bears from each bag, with the water displacement method. The water went from 50ml to 70ml in both times.
70ml - 50ml = 20 ml
for 10 gummy bears
20ml / 10 = 2ml
This confirmed us that each gummy bear consisted about 2ml that is equal to 2 cubic centimeters.
The mass result for the second bag of gummy bears was 40.2g for 15 of them.
I then divided it by 15.
40.2g / 15 = 2.68g

To find the average of one gummy bear I added the two masses and divided it by two.
2.67g + 2.68g / 2 = 2.68 g
per gummy bear

I also found out that they were giving more grams of product per gummy bear.
39g / 15 = 2.6 g
2.68g > 2.6g
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My representative particle is one gummy bear.
One mole of gummy bears =
gummy bears.
To get the volume of one mole of gummy bears, you have to multiply the volume of a gummy bear with Avogadro's number.
How many moles of Gummy bears would fit on our planet?
The volume of Earth is about
2cm^3 x = 1.204 x 10^24 cm^3
To know how many moles of gummy bears fit in the earth we need to divide the volume of one mole of gummy bear by the volume of the Earth.
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