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Animal Classification

No description

Krystal Teague

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Animal Classification

Classification of Animals Insects Reptiles Amphibians Fish Birds Mammals * lay eggs * live in water
and on land * cold-blooded * exoskeleton * breathes using a
tracheal system * 6 legs and 3 body parts
(head, abdomen, & thorax) Examples:

* bee
* grasshopper * scales not fur * 4 legs or no legs * lay eggs, sometimes
live young * dry skin * cold-blooded * lungs, although many
live not only on land
but in water * ear holes
instead of ears Examples:

* snakes
* lizards
* alligators By: Krystal * cold-blooded * cold-blooded * live on land and in water * breathe with lungs and gills * moist, smooth skin
(no hair or fur) * 4 legs (sometimes none) * lay many eggs * breathe underwater
using gills, not lungs * live in water * scales and fins
(no hair or fur) * lay many eggs * warm-blooded * feathers and wings * lay eggs * 2 legs * ear holes instead of ears * live on land * lungs * hair and fur * warm-blooded * Land: 4 legs and ears
that stick out * lungs * birth live young * Water: come to surface
to breathe using blowhole Examples:

* newt
* tree frog
* salamander Examples:

* clown fish

* catfish

* shark Examples:

* ostrich

* hummingbird

* parrot Examples:

* dolphin

* tiger

* bat What are some ways we can
group things? A few examples:
size, color, shape This lesson is about grouping
animals based on common
characteristics. http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/content/animals/kidscorner/games/animalclassgame.htm This prezi was created by:

Krystal Battaglia
4th grade
Champ Cooper Prezi-tation Credits Common Core
State Standards
Connection Additional Resources - www.youtube.com
- www.kidsplanet.org
- Pearson Interactive Science Textbook 48. Classify examples of plants and animals based on a variety of criteria
(LS-E-B2) 53. Identify the habitat in which selected organisms would most likely live and
explain how specific structures help organisms to survive (LS-E-C2) 10. Express data in a variety of ways by constructing illustrations, graphs,
charts, tables, concept maps, and oral and written explanations as
appropriate (SI-E-A5) (SI-E-B4) Science
Grade Level Expectations: 4th grade Animal Characteristics Game
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