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Isaiah Nicho and Dmitri George

No description

lib hist

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Isaiah Nicho and Dmitri George

Isaiah Nicho and Dmitri George
Gary B. Beikirich
He was a medal of honor recipient and he volunteered to be in the Vietnam war because of his friends. He was a combat medic, who risked his life to save several soldiers that wounded. He got shot to while trying to save the wounded, but, he still kept helping soldiers. I think that he is very brave and defines courage.
Citizenship is the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen. Many soldiers have risked their live's to give us citizenship and let us keep freedom and rights.
Honor is sacrificing for doing the right things. Doing whatever it takes to the right thing is honor, All of the Medal of Honor recipients show honor.
Courage is doing the right thing even if you're scared
Courage is similar to bravery. All of the Medal of Honor recipients had courage, they knew all the bad things that could happen to them, but, they still did the right things making them, showing courage.
Patriotism is showing love for your country by words or by actions.
Sacrificing for your country is also showing Patriotism
. Any love for your country is Patriotism.
The End!
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