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Dog Tags Semper Fido

No description

Nick Sauter

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Dog Tags Semper Fido

Dog Tags Semper Fido The setting is in Afghanistan and at out post Eliopulos with other marines on a mountain top. Setting In this book there are a lot of characters because he goes from training to afghanistan and his family. The main character is Gus, his mother (Grace) isn't so keen about him leaving like his father. His little brother Zachary reads a lot of fantasy books with dragons, knights, and princesses. When he left he told his brother to slay a dragon for him. These were the characters from home. Characters These characters are in the marines. The first one is the first person he met at camp leatherneck or outpost Eliopulos his name is Chang (or in real life his name is Ben). He is a funny type of guy and he and (another character) Douglass made a deal that until Gus laughs at one of his jokes and it wouldn't be that hard because he raps on the toilet. Sadly he dies later in the book by an IED. The highest ranking man in this book is Colonel Levithan. He came to watch what the dog team can do. The last main character is Douglass which he is also a marine and a corporal with Gus. Characters 2 The second and final main character is Loki, a black Labrador dog that loves to sniff out IED's but to him all it is is playing and if he finds something then he gets to fetch his toy and be praised. The climax is when Gus and Loki are in this house and they have a mission with other marines it is called Hunting Dog and they are going to try and flush out the enemy in the valley they are in but in the building and when it stopped they quickly went in found a trapped door and Loki went MIA again. He jumped down the hole and Gus went after him , he had to. He was chasing the men in the building when there was an explosion in front of them. One of there own guys stepped on their own IED! But the other one was still running and they chased him into a cave and he had a suicide belt and he pulled the trigger but Loki saved Gus by running up to the guy and pushed Gus out. Climax The rising action is whenever there on point sniffing for IED's, when Chang died by the IED, when they had the attack at night and Loki went MIA (Missing In Action). Also when they had a fake battle with monkey's( they were making screeching noises like mortars). Rising Action Mortar Point Falling Action The falling action is when Gus is in a hospital in Germany and his brother and mother are there and they thought the worst(mostly his mother) and a MP (he works with the dog kennels) asked mom to sign a piece of paper. Gus didn't know what was on that paper and he was asking for answers and his mom made it sound like that they might put Loki down. But she signed the paper to adopt Loki because he was to beaten up to go back. In the end they adopt Loki because he can't sever anymore from his injuries and they take him home from Germany to the U.S.A. Resolution In this book there are many conflict but the first one was when they were sleeping in the barracks and then they heard mortar fire and they woke to an unwelcoming alarm. When Gus reached down for Loki, he wasn't there so he went looking with Chang for Loki and found him with his old owners sleeping bag and other things that were his. Another one was where his platoon were on patrol and Loki didn't find a hidden IED and Chang accidentally stepped on it. After that they were on the mission Hunting Dog and Loki was going after these people that were a building firing at them and yet they stilled carried on without Loki or Gus! Conflicts The theme of this story is to know that your dog is really man's best friend. Theme The antagonist in this story is the Afghanistan warriors The setting is in the 21st century, present day. The point of view is 1st point of view of Gus the main character. The conflict is external because Loki goes missing and Chang dies.
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