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Typical home in Spain

No description

Alexsis Glines

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Typical home in Spain

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Typical house in the suburbs of Spain.
Houses in suburbs of Spain are just like a typical house in North America. These houses can be detached or semi-detached.
Flats in Spain.
Flats in Spain are all the same. but they vary from north to south. Flats have triangular roofs so that the snow falls off easily.
Typical house in South Spain.
A typical house in southern Spain is like a typical house in America. A typical house in Spain has
3-4 bedrooms
living room
la salita ( a little room where you drink coffee, watch TV, etc.)
Typical home in Spain
Typical houses in Northern Spain.
A typical house in Northern Spain are usually old houses found in the oldest parts of cities or villages. These houses can be any color with a typical balcony or patio that is usually painted white because of the sun.
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