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happy kim

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of PRESENTATION



* metaphor
ex:"Catch the one you love days..."
this metaphor compares the action of "catching" to seeing or visiting the ones you love
ex:" Lazy days, daisies lay
Beaming and dreaming of hot days
Myers uses imagery (sensory language) to make a picture of a summer day. We can visualize the sun beaming light, and daisies laying

ex: " ...daisies lay..."
Personification is used in the poem when Myers personifies a daisy. A daisy does not lay. SUMMER
I like hot days, hot days
Sweat is what you got days
bugs buzzin from cousin to cousin
juices dripping and ripping
catch the one you love days Birds peeping
Running and ripping
old men sleeping
Lazy days, daisies lay
Beaming and dreaming
Of hot days, of hot days
Sewat is what you got days POETIC DEVICES FOUND IN "SUMMER" *assonance

ex: "Lazy days, daisies lay..."

that phrase is a clear example of assonance. The endings of "..days.." and "...lay" make assonance.

* Onomatopoeia

ex:" Buggs buzzin,...juices dripping,"
the words "buzzing" and "dripping" imitate the sound they make. Sound Devices in the poem. * Myres poem is very straight forward and concrete. Myres composed a LYRIC POEM . Myres simply expressed what summer is with stylistic and poetic devices.
* Myres uses rhythm along with rhyme scheme.


*Myres makes summer seem the gratest season. Not only does he includes the pros of summer but also the cons. "Sweat is what you get days.." Myres includes that along with having fun , sleeping on lazy days, we have hot days and sweaty days. ABOUT WALTER DEAN MYERS Born August 12,1937
Born in Martinsburg, West Virginia
Raised in Harlem near Manhatan
Family Extremely poor
Author of "Harlem", "Slam", "Monster","Amistad", "The Glory", "Summer", and more.
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