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Government policies affecting the Public Services

No description

James Simpkin

on 25 April 2018

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Transcript of Government policies affecting the Public Services

Government policies affecting the Public Services
Increased use of technology
Equal Opportunities
Financial reductions and increases
Increased use of reserve forces
Links with other services
(UN, NATO, Combined
Services activities)
Police regionalisation
Fire and rescue
station closures
Target setting
Declarations of war
= PS using less energy + becoming ‘paperless’ to save money for equipment.
More PS jobs to be done by ‘civilian’ staff to give public servants more time to do their jobs + to saves money on wages.
PS must not discriminate in employment in terms of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability.
To protect against abuse of power by PS. Public can prosecute PS if they do not follow Human Rights.

Barry Chambers KFC man
recession = less tax money = public service cuts of 81 billion pounds, 25% of public spending.
Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 17,000 troops have been TA (volunteers). 9% of British forces in Iraq and 4% in Afghanistan.
When a country formally states that it is at war with another country. Monarch declares war on advice of PM.

Technology enhances soldier's current fighting ability and reduces the risk to their lives. E.g: drones are flown by RAF pilots by remote control from a base in Lincolnshire.
The UK is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, a military alliance of North American & European armed forces. Common defence: If one is attacked, all must defend.
The UN is an international organisation that tries to maintain world peace. The UK contributes troops to UN peace-keeping missions worldwide.

By October Gaddafi’s government had fallen and he was dead.
Gov plan to merge 53 separate police forces in England and Wales into 12 regional forces to fight organised crime and terrorism better.
DCLG saving money by combining several smaller forces.

fires deaths decreasing due to fire retardant buildings and electrical appliances.

PS's set targets by gov. If met = extra cash, if not, management replaced.

NHS targets.
18 weeks between Dr > op.
4 hr wait in A&E
24 hr wait to see Dr.

NATO enforced the no fly zone.
RAF played a big part in this NATO operation, flying 3,000 sorties. cost = £212m
Feb 2011 Libyan people rose up against dictator Colonel Gaddafi
March 2011 UN authorised a 'no fly zone' over Libya to protect civilians.
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