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Roman Art

No description

Julia Gibson

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Roman Art

By: Julia and Julia Roman Art Characteristics of Roman Art: Influences Roman Art can be found all over the world! Like... Contemporary Examples Or maybe... ...the White House, Congress Like what a Roman soldier would wear... Julia G. went to England over
the summer and there is a lot
of Roman Stuff over there. For Vacation... Julia G. as
Roman Legionnaire Examples of Roman Art! The following pictures are from a real Roman Villa. Modern Inspired Works Now that we have seen real ancient roman mosaics, let's look at some modern works inspired by this type of art. We hope you enjoyed this presentation! One of the characteristics of Roman art is arches. Before we go we have one last thing!
Julia or Julia will pass it out now! We certainly enjoyed making it for you! Goodbye! of Roman Art In this time period, Roman art was influenced by
Greek, Eastern and Egyptian cultures, early Christians. During the final years of empire, they were influenced by Germanic and Celtic cultures. COLOSSEUM Another characteristic is the column, Look at those arches! The Romans were the first to engineer stone arches. This was a very difficult task to accomplish. But once they did, they built buildings like the Pantheon, Colosseum, and they built Aqueducts. This is a picture of the Pantheon, Can you see all those arches? In art all over Rome there is columns! Columns Here are the three main types of columns: The Roman Gods were a
characteristic of Roman Art. The following is a family tree of the Roman Gods: The Gods are all over Roman Art! Just look at the statues made for them! Greek Art! In and around 500 B.C., the Romans took Greek art, and just improved on it to make it their own. Here are some examples of comparing Greek to Roman art! Here are some examples The Romans built temples to the gods with altars. Fortuna Janus, god of choices Pax, god of peace Venus ROMAN COINS!!! Here are some examples With gods on them! They certainly had enough to get put on coins
and have temples built to them. How much influence on culture did the Roman Gods
have? The Gods were affecting that
Roman culture that much! Influences that take place now to the way back then in 500 B.C.! Way Back Then In 500 B.C. This is an example of a beautiful Roman sculpture! Roman Art! Try and figure out what the differences are between the Greek and Roman sculptures! What Do you think??? Roman Greek The Difference is... The Roman art differed from Greek in that it wanted to relate a more realistic portrayal of people, whereas the Greek was people in their ideal form. Roman works showed people being old, but being real, aging and being human. Influence from Roman art happening NOW! Roman architecture is a major influence on today's buildings. This includes the Washington Monument, The Supreme Court Building, and the NYC Washington Square Arch. Washington Monument The Supreme Court Building NYC Washington Square Arch
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