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Chuck palahniuk

English 11

Victoria Jones

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Chuck palahniuk

PAUL-AH-NIK (Paula Nick) February 21, 1962 Burbank, Washington Class of ’80
“Most-Wittiest” University of Oregon in 1986
Journalism French / Russian Movie projectionist. Bicycle messenger. Dish washer. Service documentation mechanic. Assembly line mechanic for Freightliner. Newspaper reporter. “Chill Factor Audio therapy”
Pink Floyd Early 90's "Chuck, you do this really well. And this is much
better than setting fires, so keep it up" "Shit or get off the pot." Amy Hempel:
Raymond Carver,
Mary Robison,
Gordon Lish

Denis Johnson
F. Scott Fitzgerald to
Edgar Allan Poe. Fight club, survivor,
invisible monster,
choke, lullaby,
fugitives & refugees,
diary, stranger than fiction,
haunted, rant, snuff,
pygmy, tell-all Chuck Palahniuk
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