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HOW TO: Make a PB & J Sandwich

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Steven Fraser

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of HOW TO: Make a PB & J Sandwich

Easy as sandwich
HOW TO: Make a PB & J Sandwich
1) First, you’re going to want to grab 2 pieces of bread (white – wheat), Peanut butter jar, Jam (grape, strawberry), and a butter knife.

1st step
Next you want to open the jars, put it down next to the bread, and with the knife scope some peanut butter out, and spread it on 1 piece of bread, and then do the same with the Jam on the other slice of bread.
Step 2
So now you want to take the sides with the substances on the bread, and stick them together to form a sandwich.
Step 3
Now after you stuck them together, you can do two things, you can cut the sandwich in half, or you can just eat it as one hole sandwich. ENJOY!!
Step 4
Substance: the real physical matter of which a thing consists.
Anyone with peanut allergies should not eat this item.
Anyone with a wheat allergy should not eat wheat bread for this item.
The knife in step one should be used safely and properly (10 +).
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