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Fifth Harmony

No description

Natalie R

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony

Fifth harmony started of as 5 separate girls. Camilla, Lauren, Dinah, Ally, and Normani. Each of these girls were coming in as solo artists and all made it to boot camp with 4 yes's.
Where it all started!
The next round of this competition was boot camp. None of these girls had gone any further because they had gotten eliminated.
Next Round
Live shows
Fifth harmony ended up in third place behind Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens.

Fifth harmony
Even though these girls had gotten eliminated as solo artists, they got called back to compete with other girls in a girl group.
Coming up with a name
They had to come up with a name, they came up with 4 names before they were called fifth harmony. The judges did not like they previous names because the names didnt fit the girl group.
Steps to live shows
- Auditions
- Boot camp part 1
- Boot camp part 2
- Judges home
Proving they belonged on
The girls all had to try their very best and not mess up because they had to prove to the judges that they really did belong on x- Factor.
The work pays off
It was finally time for the first live show, each one of these girls really wanted to win this competition.
Ups and Downs
One of the members sibling had died and they had to work without her for a while and quickly had to teach her all her parts because by the time she returned to the competition, it would be time for them to perform.
They werent done yet!
Even though Fifth Harmony had gotten 3rd place they still continued to be together and make songs.
They have two songs so far; Miss movin' on and Me and my girls. They are going to be releasing their first album sometime this year.
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