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Did Rome Fall or was it Pushed?

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Nicole Lange

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Did Rome Fall or was it Pushed?

By: Bella Musich, Kate Gubbels, Nicole Lange, and Alyssa Gilreath
Did civil wars lessen the strength of the empire and weaken the population?
Civil Wars made Rome stronger even though they lost a lot of life and resources.
When the Eastern and Western parts of Rome went to war the Eastern half of Rome won because it had a bigger population and better military.
Did the army lose its discipline and thus endanger the empire and cause it to be overrun?
It's not that the empire lost a lot in military discipline. The army at the time of the overrunning was no longer roman.
Did the citizens of Rome become too satisfied and lazy, allowing the empire to crumble due to neglect?- Kate
Yes because slaves did all of the work.
Did the empire bureaucracy become too top heavy, eventually causing the empire to collapse upon itself?- Alyssa
Did God turn His favor away from Rome due to its sinful nature?- Alyssa
Did plagues reduce the population to the point it could not sustain itself?

About 1/3 of their population died from it
Killed many of their soldiers
Many people were killed so there were fewer jobs
The United States and Plagues
The United States has never gone through a plague but the government is worried that terrorists will create a disease and spread it through out the United States.
Did it fall as the result of barbarian invasions?
Did the empire spend too much of its resources on the poor, thus drawing away precious funds from the empire?- Bella
Was the Roman Empire just too big, making a collapse inevitable?-Bella
The United States and Civil Wars
The United States has been through one civil war called the Civil War. Even though a lot of things were destroyed and lives were taken The United States became stronger.
One day the invaders made it to the outskirts of Rome where no one was guarding it. That’s when they went through Rome burning things making a mess etc. It was the first time that someone else had Rome in there hands. It was the first time but definitely not the last.
United States and Invasions
The United States has never been invaded but it doesn’t mean it will never happen. I mean think of all the places that have stood for a long time but still got invaded such as The Mayans, Incas, and the Aztecs, and before that, the Olmec s and Toltec s. And don’t forget the Romans.
The empire collapsed on its self and people think the Untied States will to. Since the fall of Rome people say it is the key to survival to or nation the Untied States. There are some people who believe that we are following the same path that Rome was in. People think one day we well fall just like they did.
United States
Well when conditions got really bad for the poor the poor rioted. So they would try and keep them calm by giving them free grain. Which ended up spending more and more money on the poor thus drawing the funds away from the empire.
The United States hasn't had problems with the soldiers, today discipline isn't has harsh as it used to be and when soldiers misbehave they are kicked out.

no because it had grown to large and it split. god did not turn his favor away from Rome.
United States
The United States is getting obese and lazy but not enough for the government to crumble.
We have spent 15 trillion dollars on poverty in United States and what do we have to show for it??? A poverty rate that has barely budged? There's not much to show for how much we have spent on poverty in the United States.
In the end, it splintered and factioned because too many different forces were pulling it in different directions. They were continually expanding, and giving everyone citizenship. And then they tried to split each other. And that resulted in the Roman Empire collapsing.
The United States and is it to big resulting in us falling?
United states and do we spend too much money on resources for the poor, thus drawing away precious funds from the government?
Some people say that the United States doesn’t even have a government anymore. Theres just cameras on the streets not even traffic cameras they just watch us. People are starting to say that is an invasion of privacy. And all the government is just being run by the bigger people there forgetting about the smaller people. Resulting in us becoming the North American Union. And the bigger we get will probably do the same thing that the Romans did when they split Rome will probably try to split North America.
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