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The Concepts of Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and

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Megan Fawcett

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of The Concepts of Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and

The Concepts of Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care
Key Words
The Benefits of
Diversity in Society
Promotion of Equality and Rights
Vulnerability- the possibility of being harmed (physically or emotionally).
Abuse- when someone is purposely mistreated.
Empowerment- to empower someone is to give them the ability to make their own decisions.
Independence- this is when a person is free from outside control and not subject to others authority.
Interdependence- when someone mutually depends on someone else for support.
Racism- being prejudice against someone because of their ethnic background
Sexism- this is discrimination, prejudice or stereotyping often against women on the basis of sex.
Homophobia- an extreme or irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.
Cultural enrichment-
Diversity benefits society, as it also encourages cultural enrichment. Therefore, you can experience other cultures, for example, going to eat food in a restaurant of a different culture; can enrich people about the culture of the food which they eat.
Social Cohesion-
Social cohesion is another example of a benefit of diversity, as people from different races can mix with one another, and learn new things from each other, which they didn't already know about the world. Also, people will learn to accept each other for their differences, and this means that there will be less aggression and tension in communities.

Diversity can also encourage tolerance, as people will learn to be tolerant of other people, so that people can live happily with people and accept everybody for their differences. This means that there are fewer disagreements between people in society, and people won’t judge others as much, as if a society which wasn't diverse at all. This is because, people will value everyone’s contribution to society, so that there will be less prejudice, and more fairness and equality.
Social Cohesion
There are also many benefits of diversity in employment. For example, it helps to build and enhance communication skills amongst groups of employees. It also means that different types of workplace skills are used and valued in workplaces, and everyone tries to reach their full potential in whilst at work, and whilst working alongside one another.
Diversity in society also develops expertise, as people with different skills can show others how to do things in the best ways possible, so that lots of different people have expertise in different areas, which is a massive benefit to society, as people will be very good at doing lots of different tasks.

Care Value Base
Anti Discriminatory Practice
Promoting anti-discriminatory practice.
Promoting dignity, independence & Safety.
Respecting and acknowledging beliefs.
Maintaining confidentiality
Protecting vulnerable people form harm
Promoting effective communications
Promoting individualized care.

Aware of different forms of unfair discrimination that may occur.
Sensitive to ethnicity, social background and cultural needs of the service user.
Prepared to actively challenge and try to reduce unfair discrimination experienced by some service users.
Rights & Confidentiality
Staff Development & Training
Treated equally & fairly
Treated in a dignified way
Given privacy
Protected from danger
Allowed to access info about themselves
Communicate in preferred language
Cared for in a way that meets their needs
Protected and have their personal choices taken into account.

CPD – all health practitioners are expected to undertake.
It maintains a professional level of knowledge, skills.
Make changes in regards to new policies and procedures.
Training – in house training, external courses, shadowing, reading journals, watching DVD’s etc.

Thank You For Watching
Equality- this is when people of different races, genders, religions and ethnicity's are all treated the same.
Equity- the quality of being fair and impartial.
Diversity- this is a range of different things in this case people, ethnicity and origins all living in a community together.
Rights-this means that which is morally correct, just or honorable also the difference between right and wrong.
Opportunity- this is when circumstances allow things to happen which weren’t previously possible.
Difference- this is a way in which people are not the same.
Overt Discrimination- discrimination which is open and not hidden in any way.
Covert Discrimination- discrimination which is done in a non-obvious way.
Stereotyping- this is a widely held preconceived image of certain groups of people such as people of a certain race being called immigrants.
Labeling- to identify or describe someone in a particular way.
Prejudice- this is a preconceived notion that is not based on reason or experience.
Disadvantage- an unfavorable circumstance or condition that reduces the chances of success or effectiveness.
Beliefs- an acceptance that a statement is true, or that something exists.
Values- this is the regard with which something is held to deserve, the importance of a thing.
Diversity benefits society, as you can try a larger range of foods and also, food from other countries can be healthier than the food from your own country. Therefore, diet influenced by other countries, can benefit your health and lifestyle, as some countries have very healthy foods, which can have a large benefit to your health.
Diversity can also benefit society, as it benefits education. This is because, people can learn about different religions and their traditions and ways of life. This also means that people can learn to accept other people and not judge people, as they will know other traditions, and understand why people do what they do.
Diversity also benefits society, as you can learn to speak different languages if you mix with people with different races to yourself, as you can communicate with people who speak a different language to yourself, and then learn lots of new vocabulary, which also makes you smarter at the same time.
Diversity in society can also make more money, as people from different parts of the world, can show people how to make money in different ways, which will therefore, make a better economy in the world. This is because, diversity will bring better decision making and also improved problem solving and creativity which can lead to improved product development, and more successful marketing to different types of customers in the world. This will give people a sense of belonging, as they will feel like they are bringing something very useful to their community.
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