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World war 2 project

No description

Anna Rabideau

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of World war 2 project

The Allies and the Pacific Front Pearl Harbor Known as Waking the Sleeping Giant.
They got passed our radar because we thought that they were our planes, we were expecting supplies from Asia. Subs hid in deep water.
They killed 2403 soldiers and civilians, and destroyed 180 fighter planes, 4 major battle ships destroyed in battle. 120 ships were sunk with many more damaged.
Advancing We started advancing using aircraft carriers protected by destroyers in the convoy formation.
Most battles fought around aircraft carriers and were fought with airplanes. And some battle cruisers.
A20G Douglas Havoc TDB Douglas devastator Havoc F4F Grumman Wildcat Island Hopping Attacking the weaker Islands behind the major defensive perimeter cutting off supplies and communications to the defensive Islands.
Islands were attacked by air raids from nearby aircraft carriers, and islands were bombarded by heavy artillery from battle cruisers off shore, once island was devastated troops would land and finish off the remaining entrenched troops.
General MacArthur Came up with this Strategy.
Manhattan Project:1942-1946
Leo Szilard and Eugene Wigner
Code name for developing the A-bomb
200,000 people worked on it only a few knew what they were
Cost $2 billion dollars.
Einstein did not actually help build the bomb but he got it started
because 2 physcits got him to sign a letter to president Roosevelt.

Atomic Bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Truman warned Japan on July 26,1945, that we would
drop a bomb if they didnt surreneder.
Dropped the first bomb on Hiroshima on August
6, 1945 at 8:15. Hiroshima lost 340,000 people.
Still didn't surrender so on August 9, we dropped
the 2nd bomb on Nagaski killing 250,000 people.
Plane that dropped the bomb was called the Enola Gay,
they had to drop the bomb on Aioi bridge in Hiroshima from 31,600 ft. going 285mi/hr.

Battle of Midway Fought completely with airplanes, no ships even made visual contact.
Japan:11 Battleships, 8 carriers, 23 cruisers, 65 destroyers, 20 submarines. 248 aircraft.
U.S.:3 Carriers,9 Battleships, 10 Cruisers
233 carrier and 127 land based aircraft.
Japan tried to attack Midway Island while the U.S. aircraft tried to attack the Japanese Navy. Japan attacked the U.S. Navy once, and after the plane's carrier was destroyed they went kamikaze and destroyed the USS Hornet.
AfterMath: Japan lost 6 carriers(4 irreplacable) The U.S. lost one. Japanese Navy lost ability to launch long-range sneak attacks.
Battle was the turning point of The Pacific Front. Victory in the pacific
Iwo Gima
Febuary 1945
Imporatant tatic of U.S. plan
The island was 4.5 miles and 2.5 miles wide.
Island was very close to Japan mainland, stratigetic point housed 2 airfeilds that would be easy to launch air raids.
Battle lasted 3 days and ended on Febuary 23rd.
3 days of bombing from american aircraft
1st day U.S. marines suffered 2,400 causitlies splitting the island in half.
By March 16th the island was taken and all fighting was stopped on March 23rd.
After Math:
U.S. marines lost 6,981 men and over 18,000 are wounded.
Japan had 22,000 soilders on the island and only 212 were taken prisoner
Japanese soilders fought to the death.

Lasted from August 7, 1942-Febuary 8, 1943
Island is 90 miles long and 25 miles wide.
Guadacanal had 11 sub-battles after the orginal take over by the first marines divison
No casulities when they landing, rough terrain, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, and hot climate.
Japanese were found hiding in underground tunnels and caves some 8 layers deep
discovered by tunnel rats.
Naval battle fought in the canal, both sides obtained casulities in men and ships but America won.
At first troops landed on Red breach and captured Henderson field.
Japanese troops landed in waves to attack.
Brutal fighting hand-hand and gun combat.
Japan bombed and artillery shelled marine positions.
Lots of dieases.
After Math:
American casulities: 1,598 officers, 4,709 wounded, Aiplane: 147 were lost and 147 were wounded.
Japanese casulities: 25,000 men lost half were to lack of rest, illness, wounds and starvation.
Japan lost 2 battleships, 3 carriers, 12 cruisers, 25 destroyers, 600 planes.
American Marines held island for course of war.

Started on April 1, 1945
Island was 60 miles long and from 2-18 miles wide, 4 air fields on the island.
America launched bomb raids before assualting.
Japan launched 190 kamakize planes against American fleet and 24 got through defenses.
130,000 Japanese troops on the island and 450,000 civilians.
America attacked with 180,000 men under general Simon Buckner.
Bloody conflict, America started at south and went to north of the island, mostly gun warfare and japanese fought to death.
Americans lost 7,373 men and 32,036 were wounded on land. At sea 5,000 lost and 4,600 wounded.
Japan lost 107,000 and 7,400 men taken prisoner. Japan lost another 20,000 to american tactics where Japanese troops were incinetated where they fought.
Americans lost 36 ships and 763 aircraft.
Japanese lost 16 ships and 4,00 aircraft.

China and South Asian islands liberated from Japan's rule. Japan devistated from bombs, slow rebuild started.
Japan has never surrendered before, so soldiers didn't belive the surrender and kept fighting for years, some were found even during the Korean War.
End of Japanese's powerful military.

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