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Midlothian Public Library

No description

Jennifer Cottrill

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Midlothian Public Library

Today I invite you to...
Get a library card.
Use online subscription resources.
Check out our clubs & events.
Read for fun.
Teen Events
Getting a Library Card
Come with your parent/guardian.
Bring 2 ID's (1 photo/1 current address).
Not a Midlothian resident? Go to your home library.
Online Subscription Resources
More reliable than the free Internet.
More topics, more recent info than books.
Newspaper, magazine, encyclopedia, and journal articles; maps, photos, videos.
You will use these in COLLEGE!
Teen Clubs @ the Library
Teens in Theatre (TNT)
The Sword (Teen Writing Club)
VOICE (Teen Advisory Board)
Game Night
Read for Fun!
True Legend
by Mike Lupica
Throne of Glass
by Sarah J. Maas
by Marissa Meyer
Midlothian Public Library
Thank you!
your key to success
Also Try
Today's Recommendations
The Abraham Lincoln Award Nominee List
The Teen's Top Ten Nominee List
TFIOS/Nerdfighters fan party
Halloween Mystery/Scavenger Hunt Party
International Games Day
fan party
...and see you at the library
Self-Defense for Women Ages 12-80
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