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No description

Rafael Oliveira

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of You

Lets move!
First Impressions
Enhance your first impression
Future leaders academy
Lets practice!
Body language
Turn to the person next to you

Give 2 or more sentences about you and the things you like

Ask each other what your first impressions were

Share your feedback with us
Prepare a short presentation about yourself (2 min max)
The last will be the first

We are going to use a technique which by
recording your presentation
, we will be able to diagnose what you are doing wrong, and create solutions to improve it.
So, are you excited to find out how the world sees you?

We are also going to analyze your voice tone, your rhythm and your breathe.
Adopting the body language associated with
for just 120 seconds is enough to create a
20 percent increase in testosterone
and a
25 percent decrease in the stress
hormone cortisol. In other words, adopting these postures makes a person
feel more powerful
And how the world sees it.
Rafael Alves
Rules for the meetings:
Lets make it interesting and relevant for everyone
Enjoy participation!
Don't be shy, we are all learning

What is your first impression of me?
It takes 0,6 second to 10 seconds to create a first impression

Confirmation Bias – e.g. you meet someone new who you think is cocky. From then on you will pay more attention to evidence that confirms your theory is correct.

For example, when you think that somebody is angry, you are going to focus and remember the moments he is angry and ignore when he is polite. *

Relevance: Perception of being angry, happy, would I hire you, would I date you.

Pause before emphasizing an important word or concept.
Speed up your rhythm to show excitement
See in your mind the story you are telling. This will translate into your vocal quality.
Define a place in your speech that might be considered a ‘’wow’’ factor for the audience.
Include vivid facial expression or bigger gestures when get to an emotional or dramatic part of your presentation
Include dialogue in your speech
Be yourself, no fake voice*

Eye contact:
More dominant and powerful
More warm and personable
More attractive and likeable
More qualified, skilled, competent and valuable
More trustworthy, honest and sincere
More confident and emotionally stable

The limp hand (‘’dead fish’’): Gives the impression of weakness or disinterest
The fingertip shake: Shows lack of ability to engage
The arm pump: Suggests insincerity and phoniness, like an overly aggressive salesman
The squeeze-till-it-hurts: Comes across as overly competitive and domineering. Plus, it hurts.

Hygiene tips for
Trimmed fingernails, hair and beard.
Your clothes must fit the environment.
Avoid wearing heavily-scented perfumes.
You can look for
more here
: http://tinyurl.com/mantips

Hygiene tips for
Avoid wearing heavily-scented perfumes.
Avoid wearing unusual or shocking nail colors.
Simple and appropriate make up for daytime.
You can look for
more here
: http://tinyurl.com/tipswoman

Watch this:
Intonation, how you speak
Eye contact
Body language
Demonstrating that you care
about your personal appearance communicates to the person you are meeting with that they are important to you.
Paying attention to the details of your appearance
sends a message to others that you
will also pay close attention to business details
, and the needs of your customers and clients.

React better towards stress
It will make you think clearly and faster
It can also help you in the decision process
- Introduce yourself
- What do you study?
- Do you have any hobbies?
- What is your biggest dream
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