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Affluence.org Sub-network

We are looking to create a completely separate set of permissions for members of different sub-networks.

Nghi Nguyen

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Affluence.org Sub-network

Permissions Videos Blogs Albums Forum Who can "search/browse" the video? Who can "view" the video? Who can "comment" the video? Only me Sub 1 Sub 2 Entire Subnetwork Only friends in my Subnetwork Updated features:
- User can edite privacy after published
- User can decide where the video
publish(which sub-network to publish) Who can "search/browse" the blog? Who can "view" the blog? Who can "comment" the blog? Updated:
- User can configure "Privacy option"
- User can choose which sub-network to post
Who can "search/browse" the album? Who can "view" the album? Who can "comment"/"tag" the album? Updates:
- Privacy settings Videos Blogs Albums Forum Thank you a post Videos Albums Blogs Forum Allow Search/Browse Allow "VIEW" Allow "comment/tag" YES NO Which "Sub-network" ? Sub-network 1 Sub-network 2 Sub-network 3 - Only friends in Sub-network - Entire Subnetwork Summary Questions: 1. What type of admin permission these subnet will have?
2. Tools to upload users to the sub-networks
3. How will admin manage the users?
4. What features from the back end we will let sub-admin see?
5. Features: News, feeds, videos, blogs, forum, groups, what after that?
6. Add some good features that Advanced Group plug-in has
7. By default everybody should belong to a group!
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