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YFC Croatia Easter Newsletter 2016

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Ruben Sečen

on 27 July 2016

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Transcript of YFC Croatia Easter Newsletter 2016

YFC Croatia Easter Newsletter

Stations of the Cross
Thanks to God, your prayers and support, the Franciscan youth and monks, our families, volunteers & our new ministry car we were able to set the S†a†ions for the 8th time now.

Our prayers have been answered: 3 days of sunshine & warmth (before and after this weekend the weather was extra windy and rainy).
More than 600 people journeyed through our interactive Stations. For many people who passed through, the Stations made a deep and permanent impact. People said to us they were deeply moved and thanked us so many times for setting the Stations of the Cross.
For them it meant to meet the Lord in a new way, lifting the heavy cross, confessing their sins by writing it down on a plastic sheet, which they dipped in the water and visualized how God forgives and Jesus washed away their sins.

The Holy Spirit moved among them as they were listening to ”Above all”, which was obvious from their teerful eyes. At the Station where Jesus was crucified, they could address God and write to him their own prayer (of gratitude, doubt, hope, confession...) and nail the prayer down on a wood – many times the blows would echo down the hill and would create a special atmosphere.

Rejoice with us, because through this ministry we got
new connections - an open door of one school, to do
ministry with kids and teenagers.
As Easter is very close we wanted to share with you the Good news about our Stations of the Cross ministry. An update of our other ministries we did in the past three months, we will send you in a separate newsletter next month.
We wish you a happy and a blessed Easter.

We love you all,

Your Youth for Christ Croatia Team!

"Please continue to see more pictures and a short YouTube video at the very end."
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