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The 2nd assignment in "A Crash Course on Creativity"

Mohamed Adel

on 5 November 2012

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Mobile Service Operator yesterday Hi I was thinking about going somewhere to Practice observation like what I have learnt last week. I decided to go to Citystars Mall. It is one of the biggest malls in Egypt. My name is Mohamed I'm From Egypt I'm from Egypt I think it is the place where you should hang out with your friends this guy wasn't helpful at all. He didn't even smile I Like the idea of the ceiling. It is inspired by the logo of the company. The floor was shining with the lighting of the ceiling. I liked the black color. I feel it gives the place a touch of elegance. Products at the eye level are the most expensive ones I Couldn't take any photo there But I will try to tell you what i saw The door was opened.
I noticed a lot of spotlights and it made me focus on the products.
I didn't like seeing lots of colors on the same shelf.
Sales persons didn't initiate contact. I think because most of their customers are teens and they need to be free. Some Observation Notes Nice font with lighting from the back. A front table with very encouraging prices A lot of posters inside the store and in all windows. the Parquet floor made me feel worm. I Liked this window The spotlights are focusing on partitions and there are some dark areas. It makes you feel you can't look at anything except the products
folded items on a table. They looked nice but I felt I couldn't touch anyone of them and here some products are arranged by category and another by color matching Notes: they target all ages and genders. you can go there with your hall family and you can find something for everyone.
all sales staff(boys & girls) wear suites(uniform).
After staying about 45 min maybe you will feel that you missed some products you didn't check out. small logo with red color. I think it's simple and attractive Notes: Most of customers are from 18 to 25 years old.
Salespersons are helpful but only when you ask them for something.
The salespeople wear black top and they are allowed to wear shorts. I think it makes them feel free.
All tables in the store are messy but you feel you are encouraged to touch every single item in the store. It is without any doors with a very wide space and you feel the store says "I'M HERE!!" screens to show offers or videos to attract customers They use devices for demonstration and they divide the hall store into partitions. I think it makes the life easier because they sell a lot of different Products. I didn't take all these photos. I downloaded some of them form the internet because I wasn't allowed to take photos at all stores. Please note Thank you for watching And for people who thought this is my face I downloaded it too
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