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2000's Decade Collage

5th Period Woodruff

Krystyna Garcia

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of 2000's Decade Collage

Decades Collage Introducing:
The 2000's The People of the 2000's: The influential people that made their mark in this decade played a crucial role on society. People like George W. Bush with how he handled the heartbreak of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, Steve Jobs with his contributions to the advancement of technology, and Barack Obama being the first African American U.S. President. These people and many more helped shape the nation to what it is today. Events of the 2000's Many monumental events occurred in the decade 2000 that shaped American history, some for the better but most for the worst. Events like the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City, Hurricane Katrina that devastated much of Louisiana in 2005, the No Child Left Behind Act passed in 2001, and so much more. Regardless of how many hardships and pain some of these events might of brought, the true American spirit which is to unite and overcome as a nation. Technology in the 2000's: Technology in this decade was one of the influential and monumental changes that occurred. This is where the iPod was first released(2001), the iPhone created in 2007, cell phones became more commonly used, the creation of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and not to mention, the always handy, Wikipedia. the technological advancements in this decade were numerous and changed America into a more "high-tech" society. Transportation of the 2000's In this decade not many "modes of transportation were created, but rather the widespread use of hybrid vehicles in order to try and create a cleanlier environment. But who can forget to mention the wonderful (and somewhat pointless) creation of the segway in 2004. Although it doesn't have much of an impact on how society runs by the means of transportation, they are funny looking and quite hilarious to watch. Industries in 2000's The major industry in the 2000's was simply that of technology. Products like iPhones, iPods, new and better internet connections, DVD players, tablets and much more played the biggest roles in the technology field. Although, many other industries were booming, none could top the continuous growth and development of the technology industry. Leisure Activities in the 2000's Leisure activities in this time period became much more diverse and family oriented. Family vacations, cruises, physical fitness became widespread throughout the country. In this time period, another "leisure activity" were considered to be surfing the internet and catching up with old friends on Facebook and MySpace. This is, as previously stated, the technology era, where many internet activities became known as "leisure activities." Sports in the 2000's Sports in the 2000's were nothing less than interesting. With events such as the Houston Astros going(and sadly losing) the World Series in 2005, the hockey wipe out in 2005, baseball becomes the sport known to deal with many players on steroids, and the curse of Bambino broken in 2004. Sports like basketball in the 2000's also suffered a popularity decrease due to the retirement of Michael Jordan. This decade had plenty going on in the sports category just as any other decade. Arts/Music in the 2000's Music in the 2000's became much more interesting and diverse due to a number of factors. Auto tune was introduced by T-Pain in the late 2000's which has(if you haven't heard) drastically changed the music world in the current decade. Teen pop became big and well known in this decade with artists such as Brittney Spears, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and the all too famous Beyonce Knowles. This was also the decade where people started to say that music was loosing its "meaning." The change in music style and popularity was either for the better or for the worse depending on how you look at the situation. Medicine in the 2000's During this decade the medical field had many positive contributions to American society and citizens. In this decade, heart disease deaths reduced by a whooping 25%, smoking is reduced due to public smoking being prohibited in certain areas, and not to mention the dramatic advancements in the studies of the brain. With all of these helpful contributions to the medical field in the 2000's, the nation began to become a more healthful place for citizens. are you ready for this? New Laws in the 2000's One of the most important laws created in the 2000's was the Act passed by George W. Bush called the No Child Left Behind Act passed in 2001 by both the Senate and Congress, then signed by the President in 2002. This act, in a nutshell, stated that all students would be afforded a proper education. This act alone played a major role on society and education, and is still playing a major role in the current decade. Literature in the 2000's Although the literature in the 2000's wasn't as monumental as some believe other past decades were, the 2000's had some writing that is unmatched. With writers such as J.K. Rowling with the Harry Potter series which grew to be an American(and British) classic, Stephanie Meyer with the Twilight Saga, and Rick Riordan with the Percy Jackson series. These fiction books played a major role on society, primarily the younger generations, by letting their love of reading grow with such astonishing books to dive into. The End
"Welcome to the New Age" By:Krystyna Garcia 5th
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