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Shangri-la PPT


qiang ji

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Shangri-la PPT

Shangri –La: On a Global Scale April, 21 2011

Elvira Khamzina
Qiang Ji (John)
Qiuwen Kang
Yueting Xu (Emma)
Yun-Chun Chen (Cherry)
Agenda Industry Overview
Shangri-La Overview
SWOT Analysis
Training & Development
Strategic Performance Appraisal
Recommendations Industry Overview On a path to recovery from economical
crisis and the terrorist attack of 2001
Business travel rate rose 7% and leisure
travel 3.6% for the last year
Asia Pacific rocks (the least affected
region by the Global Recession)
Tourism in Asia is rapidly growing
Technology leads the hospitality Shangri-La Overview Named by the legendary land
A leading luxury hotel group
Shangri-La is on rise and will continue to expand its hotel empire worldwide
Unique culture Asian Hospitality

Receive more than 100 awards
No.1 in Asia
Outstanding around the world
Aim at high-end guests&business travelers Strategy SWOT Analysis Training & Development Shangri-La Philosophies “Great hotels are made by great employees, not by

crystal chandeliers or expensive carpets”

“Hired for attitude, Trained for skills”

Investment: 4 percent of payroll on training and

development in hotels in China, and 3 percent of

payroll in hotels in other countries
Training Strategies Corporate University Talent Development Programs 15 Tigers were placed in positions at 18 Shangri-La properties in Asia for stints from two months to two-
and-a-half years
Tigers Program for Expansion “Our approach is about conditioned and learned behavior, and about how we transfer those behaviors to the Western world”
- Tan, Group Director for Human Resources
“Shangri-La Care” Training Delivery Strategic Performance Appraisal Overview Monthly Appraisal and
Yearly Appraisal
Performance Appraisal Programs
Training and Development Recommendations Cross-Culture Training
Support its expansion strategy and satisfy the variety of customers’
Enhance culture agility and share knowledge locally Asia-Based Hospitality Training
Enhance Shangri-La's culture and philosophy
Create training program similar as “Tigers" Training Feedback System
Collect employees’ feedbacks to training
Help HR implement gap analysis and improve training programs Performance Management Recommendations More customers, more feedback!
Service discount coupons, gifts as encouragement

We share - we blog!
Internal tool for communication ? Performance Management Recommendations More customers, more feedback!
Service discount coupons, gifts as encouragement

We share - we blog!
Internal tool for communication Behavioral Indicators
Behaviors can prompt a positive outcomes
Employee Performance Improvement
Including guidance in the performance appraisal can help employee achieve their goals
Continuous Performance Communication
Managers give feedback constantly and the employees are supposed to report problems or ask for instructions as well
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