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summary of chapter 9-10

chris Hartt

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of chapter9-10

chapters 9 and 10
in chapter 9 percy is started to be pushed harder and harder by luke,and annebeth and clarisse are almost completely ignoring him. percy has a dream about two gods fighting and he has to stop them. percy is offerd a quest by dinoysus .percy accepts and goes to meet the oracle. percy hears about the vow the gods made all those years ago. chapter 9 in chapter9 percy is starting to be treated like an outcast among outcasts. luke starts pushing him harder than any one else. annebeth is starting to get distracted during
his greek lessons. even clarisse is ignoring him. dinosyous offers percy a quest . PERCY's quest!:
you shall go west,and face the god who has turned
you shall find what was stolen , and see it saftly returned
And you shall fail to save what matters most. why hello there!!!!!!!! chapter 10 !!! w0000t!! grover plays hillary duff songs on his reed pipes. they see the fur- the kindley ones. percy almost gets away ,but he has adhd and that makes him a litle stupid a times.
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