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How you can take care of the enviroment?

Ecologic School Work

Angeles Mena

on 11 April 2012

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Transcript of How you can take care of the enviroment?

Like Conclussion Why we must take care
of the enviroment? Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Ecology is the care of the enviroment, and of all the nature things. All the ecologic people are persons who want a better plantet!!! Ecology What ecolgy means??? Water contamination:
When you throw rabbish
into the sea, the lakes or
river, you are killing a lot
of life who live there. Smog:
Do you ever seen in the
city all the smog? This is
bad not only to the city,
i`ts true that looks ugly,
however, is bad for your
self. Prevent the contamination A better world. A pretty plantet. Prevent the animals death and our illness or even our death, and WE CAN HELP... do you think that is better to take care with the enviroment??? What???? The contamination bring us a lot of illnes,
like asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer, and even a
hard illnes with the contamination. Illness When the animals enviroment are contaminated,
they die. Prevent the death of animals When the Earth is contaminated,
all the flowers, trees and all the green things
die. All look ugly... A pretty plantet! Of course!!!
If you recicle, respect your planet,
do not thorw rabbish, etc, you can make a better
world. I can help??? !!!! FREEK POINT!!!! What Ecologic is?
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