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Lysgaard's U-Curve of Cultural Adjustment

Presents one of the first models of cultural adjustment Lysgaard developed in 1955.

Mandi Lindner

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Lysgaard's U-Curve of Cultural Adjustment

Honeymoon You're fascinated by the new culture
and excited about all the new and interesting
"sights and sounds." Culture Shock Period of disillusionment as you must
seriously cope with living a new culture
on a day-to-day basis. Recovery You gradually adapt to the new culture and learn how to behave appropriately. Adjustment You are effective in functioning in the new culture. Day-to-day tasks are secondhand. things to consider... The U-Curve was one of the
first models of cultural adaptation.
Research results have been mixed
and some scholars believe it is
outdated as it doesn't apply to
every sojourner. Most academic research uses a variety of measurements for adjustment, including: academic morale degree of contact
with host nationals satisfaction comfort with the
new environment attitudes psychological mood opinion of host nationals The stages of the U-Curve do not apply to everyone, and the length and degree of each stage varies by individual. When an individual works cross-culturally, a
period of learning about that culture's traditions,
values, and social norms is necessary before
productivity can occur. Lysgaard's U-Curve Theory of adjustment has been the model most cited in cultural adjustment research. Here The Constant Foreigner presents a look at the U-Curve model of cultural adjustment. "Adjustment in a foreign society: Norwegian Fullbright grantees visiting the United States." by Sverre Lysgaard, 1955

International Social Science Bulletin, Volume 7 for more information visit www.constantforeigner.com Stage 1: Stage 2: Stage 3: Stage 4:
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