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The stubborn

No description

Gene Monahan

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of The stubborn


The stubborn struggles
Where did the plant it,who planted it
In the colonies farmers,planters, and people who had the land planted vegetables and other goods. One of those goods was tobacco.Tobacco the most popular but probably the hardest crop to produce. With tobacco you would need a very large field,the people who worked on the field needed to take worms out from the dirt and then plant it.This one plant would take about 1 year to produce.
when your tobacco was done growing you would leave the tobacco leaves for them to wilt.but when they have wilted you still cant pack them up you then need to take the tobacco to the barn,and hang the tobacco to dry out for 6-8 weeks. Then finally you can pack it in hogshead
They used it as money
Trade with it
People in the colonies would send raw goods to Great Britain.Great Britain would then send manufactured good like,metal,and cloth products back to the colonies.The most important raw good was tobacco.
Smoke it
Detail 4
Where did they plant
Detail 3
When you got your tobacco back from the warehouse they would give you a receipt which would say the quantity of the tobacco.These receipt would be as valuable as money.You could buy things that You needed from the merchants if you need more supplies.
If you were walking around out side,People would have a wooden pipe filled with tobacco leaves,the leaves would be very dry.Peole would light one end and suck on the other and breath in the smoke from the the burning leaves.
How did they use tobacco?
Who ?
If you were to see a tobacco plantation it would probably be owned by ether,a farmer,a planter,or a family that has the money and a field.
A lot of people in the south grew tobacco.The tobacco would grow on large fields that would need a lot of work to produce.
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