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Gay Rights

No description

Zack Dwyer

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Gay Rights



By: Taykwando and Zman Scal
"Rainbow Flag and Blue Skies" from Wikipedia by Ludovic Bertron
Photo sources
1936: First LGBT case (trial)
1962: Illinois becomes the first state decrimalize homosexuality
1979: First gay rights march that took place in Washington
1982: Winsconsin becomes the first state to outlaw discrimination on sexual orientation
1987: First mass same-sex wedding (beginning of same-sex marriages
1996: President Clinton signs the Defense of Military Act; this law defines marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman.
2004: Massachusetts is the first state to allow gay marriage
2011: End of gay ban in the military
2013: California supreme court upholds Prop 8 even though voters voted yes. Prop 8 eliminates the rights of same-sex couples to marry.
2014: Currently 32 states allow gay couples to get married

Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin were the founders of Daughters of Bilitis
First lesbian-rights organization in the U.S. and it started in San Francisco in 1955

Worlds first transgender organization
Started in San Francisco in 1966

Harvey Milk was elected onto the San Francisco
Board of supervisors
He was the first openly homeusexual elected in California and less than a year into office he was murdered in 1988

Other important facts


How Gay Rights are similar to the French Revolution
Many people died over what they believed in
Napoleon used liberalism ( equality) and nationalism (nations right and freedom) to rule Europe: like gay rights- deserve equality and freedom
They both protested
Marat- wrote what he believed but got murdered- like Harvey Milk
Napoleon used liberalism ( equality) and nationalism (nations right and freedom) to rule Europe: like gay rights- deserve equality and freedom

Conditions that Angered People
Not passing the law for gay rights
Many openly gay people were murdered/ killed
Gays were not allowed to serve in the military
Gay people couldn't get married
Anti- homosexuality laws
Treated differently
Trigger Event
In 2013-2014, there was a law passed called the Defense of Marriage Act, where if same sex marriages were legal in a state the couple may receive federal benefits.
Reasons why People Believed They Deserved Better
pursuit of happiness
people should get the -same rights as everyone else
everyone should have the same rights- sexual orientation should’t matter
should be treated the same as everyone:not different

How it's Different from the French Revolution
Was not starving
French- wanted freedom
French- wanted no king
Gay- wanted rights/ laws

I think Locke would agree because his idea was the right of life and the right to revolt. The people who believed that they deserved gay rights revolted, and now some states are passing laws allowing them to marry. Gay marriage is the right to live because it's their life and people should let them live it.
"It just love" from pixabay by public
domain pictures
"Let me marry who I love" from
human for thought by joey Ayoub
"Gaymarriage" from wikimedia by
Happy photos!!!
Locke's thoughts
All other photos found on prezi with
license of confidential usage
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