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Alternative Energy

By: Ganatheepan Ganeshalingam

Gana Gee

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Alternative Energy

What is Alternative Energy?
Wind Power
Hydroelectric Energy
Geo-thermal Energy
Solar Energy
Back in the day...
Is an alternative source for fossil fuels. Often these energy sources are renewable and sustainable
Alternative Energy
is thermal (or heat) energy stored in the Earth that is later converted to kinetic energy through heating water
Industrial Revolution
Did you know...
Total rise in sea level in the last 100 years is
17.5 cm
Amount of Carbon Dioxide released into the atmosphere everyday is
31 Billion Tonnes
Rise in global average surface temperature since the late 19th century is
20° C
What do these facts mean?
also known as...
According to Game Theory...
We're in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone's arguing over where they're going to sit.
-David Suzuki
Take Action
Take No Action
Climatic Change
No Climatic Change
Do we want to take the risk?
What can we do... to save our blue planet?
What is energy?
Even though energy does not have a exact definition defining it, the one that thing that is sure about energy is that it enables us to do work.
Human Power
Animal Power
The energy that was needed to
enable humans to do work was
through man power. Humans
used the energy in their bodies
to do work. Only by-product was
the carbon dioxide they breathed.
For years, energy needed to power the large machines were done through the use of fossil
fuels, however alternative energies puts an end to it.
The energy that was needed to enable humans to do work was through animal power. Humans used animals to help them accomplish their work. Only by-product was the methane from the animals.
During the turn of the
century, major cities grew
as people moved away from
rural areas to populate urban areas.
This required a lot of energy
to sustain the growing city.
Therefore, humans turned to fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gases and uranium. This started our consumption of fossil fuels, which had polluted this planet.
Energy radiated by the sun which can be harnessed through solar panels and converted into electrical energy.
The Earth receives about
174 petawatts (PW)
of solar radiation within the upper atmosphere.
The solar energy is so vast that in one year it accounts for
the amount of
all the fossil fuels, coal, oil, natural gases and uranium,
174 petawatts (PW)
of solar energy, equates to more energy from the

sun in
one hour
than the total energy humans
consume in
one year
How does it work?
sunlight hits the panel of
Crystalline Silicon
The photon energy causes
the electrons to be broken
from the atoms
electrons are attracted to
the positively charged upper plate
This converts the photon energy to useable
electric energy
75 million
barrels of oil saved annually by solar users
The carbon emissions saved by solar users is
35 million tonnes.
All that is needed to save the planet of fossil fuels and power your home is just
600 sq. feet.
1) involves no carbon emissions
or pollution to the environment

2) solar energy is the ability to harness electricity in remote locations that are
not linked to a national grid

3) can be installed on top of many
rooftops, which eliminates the problem
of finding the required space for solar
panel placement

4) initial investment of solar cells
may be high, once installed, they provide
a free source of electricity, which will
pay off over the coming years.
1) Solar energy is only able to generate electricity during daylight hours

2) weather can affect the efficiency of solar cells.
is the conversion of wind energy through the use of wind turbines to make electrical energy
Wind energy have been used throughout history.

Ships with sails

Old Wind Mills

Old Wind Pumps
However, wind energy today is converted into electrical energy through
wind turbines.
How does it work?
1800 RPM
1-1.8 MV
Elimination of yearly emissions by a 1 MV Wind turbine is ...
Carbon Dioxide
Sulfur Dioxide
Nitrogen Oxides
1500 Tonnes
6.5 Tonnes
3.2 Tonnes
60 pounds
WIND FARMS generate
17-39 times
more energy than we consume
Compared to...
Nuclear Plants
Coal Plants
16 times
11 times
1 MV of produced from a wind turbine
generates enough energy to power...
250 homes!
and provide work for 75,000 worldwide
within the wind industry.
Only downside is that,
birds don't go well with
wind turbines.
electricity produced from the energy that falling water possess. This gravitational force turns the turbines generating alternative energy
Hydroelectricity is the
widely used
renewable energy on the planet.
In 2010,
3,427 terawatt-hours
of electricity was produced from hydro plants
The largest hydro dam is the Three Gorges Dam
found in China.
22, 500 MV.
The total electric generating capacity of the dam is
How does it work?
Canadian Pride
Accounting for 26% of energy consumption
Canada is ranked the 2nd largest hydroelectric producers contributing
369.5 terawatt-hours
potential energy
kinetic energy
Ain't it Ironic!
By using alternative means to produce clean, green energy, we are also jeopardizing the ecosystem by
1) destroying biologically rich and productive lowland and riverine valley forests, marshland and grasslands

2) fish swimming patterns such as the salmon which travel up and down stream to mate and reproduce

Methane emissions
are found in tropical reservoirs where the plant material in flooded areas decaying in an anaerobic environment (In wastewater treatment with the absence of molecular oxygen O2) forms methane, a green house gas
Due to the radioactive decay within the
core of the Earth, thermal energy is produced
heating the core of the Earth.
The magma convection heats the rock and water
in the crust, sometimes up to 370° C.
With the United States leading in the highest capacity of geo-thermal energy. The worldwide production of geo-thermal power by 24 countries are
10, 715 MV
How does it work?
Ying and Yang
Geothermal power requires
no fuel
(except for pumps), and is therefore immune to fuel cost fluctuations

Drilling accounts for over half the costs. It cost about $10 million to drill, with a 20% failure rate

We only have one planet...
Help Save it...
Promote Alternative Energy
Promote a new, clean future.
of solar panels
Yes. Studies show that smog can make people die before their time. Researchers looking at the health of people in eight large Canadian cities found that smog causes 5 900 early deaths every year.
Can Smog kill?
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