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Hero Project

my hero Mary McLeod Bethune

andrew Roettger

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Hero Project

My Hero: Mary McLeod Bethune By
Andrew Roettger Early life Born in Mayesville, South Carolina 15th of 17 children Most siblings born into slavery attended Scotia seminary (now Barber-scotia college) on scholorship Parents former slaves Career as a public leader Bethune served as
the Florida chapter
president of the NACW
from 1917 to 1925 (National Association of Colored Women) Bethune founded the National Council of Negro Women in New York City in 1935 Friend of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt Formed BLack Cabinet it served as advisory board to the Roosevelt association on issues facing black people in america Honors Number 10 on america's greatest women Bethune was awarded the Spingarn Medal in 1935 by the NAACP In 1949 she became the first woman to be given the Medal of Honor and Merit Death Died on May 18, 1955 of a heart attack Her death was followed by editorial tributes in newspapers all over America The lesson of Bethune's life is that genius knows no racial barriers Personal Life Bethune stood five feet four inches tall and cut a matronly figure even in her 30s She carried a cane with her, not for support but for effect. She said it gave her "swank". Her students often referred to her as "Mama Bethune." When a white Daytona resident threatened Bethune's students,
Her students walked infront of the mans house
Man threatened them with winchester rifle
Bethune made it a priority to assuage his anger
Man later found protecting the children
went so far as to say "If anybody bothers old Mary, I will protect her with my life." bethune entering white house
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