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E-Motive Day 2014

No description

Janine Spoelstra

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of E-Motive Day 2014

E-Motive Day 2014
E-motive day 2014 "New Directions" was all about:
In Depth Exploration
With speakers from
the Netherlands, Senegal and Cambodia
Inspiring Flash Talks from:
We Can Young (Netherlands)
Y'en a Marre (Senegal)
My Right, My Voice (8 countries),
NCDO/Young in Prison (Netherlands)
Done Fil/COC (Turkey)
Small World (Cambodia)
World Cafe
Harvesting outcomes
Drinks and Networking
Follow E-Motive
on social media:

E-motive group
Collecting ideas
"New Directions" - Working with young people's stubborn power in communities
Harvesting outcomes for positions of youngsters:

Create space and position in formal governmental meetings
Grass root pop up movements through social media
Create multi stakeholder platform for young entrepreneurship
Urban rap changed Senegal significantly
Create fruitful labs to develop business plans
Young leadership creates snowball effect through peer to peer
“E-motive is a network of organisations across the globe that aims to share innovative solutions to global and local issues”
See our TedTalk:
See our movie:
"5 Years E-Motive:
We used the
#EMD14 ...
Michel Hobbij
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