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True or False

No description

Meghan Fraser

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of True or False

True or False
Tar is what causes the brown/yellow stains on fingers and teeth
True or False
The insecticide DDT is not present in cigarettes.
True or False
Drinking does not impair your judgement.
True or False
Smoking while pregnant increases the risk of premature birth, and additional health problems for the baby.
True or False
Over-comsumption of alcohol can cause severe liver damage.
True or False
True or False
It is impossible to become addicted to alcohol.
True or False
There is no tobacco in
e-cigarettes, but there is
True or False
Alcohol poisoning is
just a myth.
Title Page
Create an "Honest Ad"
about your topic using
Google Drawing.
Gr. 4 - Tobacco
Gr. 5 - Alcohol
What is your message to the audience?
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