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Copy of Copy of Untitled Prezi

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María Jesús Ramírez Díez

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Comenius SOMA project Classical roots and human body vocabulary in some modern languages (English, Basque, Spanish, Italian) The Project is carried out by the departments of Classical Languages from Instituto Urbi Institutua (Basauri, Bizkaia, Basque Country, Spain) and Istituto Istruzione Superiore Plinio Seniore (Castellammare di Stabia, Italy) This CLIL project is aimed at Latin and Greek students and involves school exchange. Contents related to Classical languages Contents related to Language demands and support Specific Contents Contents connected with Classical Civilization Contents related to ICT Latin and Greek vocabulary of body parts and internal organs Vocabulary related to illnesses, symptoms, treatments and medical specialties Classical suffixes and prefixes in the word-building of terms attached to medical vocabulary Classical and adapted texts
related to medicine Roman baths and body care Student use of CALP and BICS in English (writing and oral) Student use of web 2.0 resources Contents related to work organization The value of multicultural group work for learning November 29-December 8, 2012
First exchange: from Basauri to Castellammare di Stabia November 29, 2012
From Loiu to Capodichino November 30, 2012
Welcome at Plinio Seniore and walking trip through Castellammare December 1, 2012
Visit to the villas of ancient Stabiae December 3, 2012
Excursion to Rome December 4, 2012
Visit to Vesubius and Herculaneum December 6, 2012
Day trip to Baiae and Solfatara December 7, 2012
Visit to Pompeii and Goodbye party
April 15, 2013
Guided walking tour by the oldest district of Bilbao and mythological promenade April 16, 2013
Day trip to Clunia Sulpicia April 17, 2013
Visit to Oiasso Roman Museum.
Bathing at La Perla thermal resort April 12-21, 2013
2nd exchange: from Castellammare to Basauri April 18, 2013
Visit to Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.
4 mythological stories. April19, 2013
Theatre at Sozial Antzokia.
Visit to Guggenheim Museum April 20, 2013
Goodbye party April 21, 2013
Departure for Castellammare Thanks for your attention
Multas gratias vobis agimus
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