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Spanish Flu

No description

Damon Berggren

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Spanish Flu

Spanish Flu
Spanish Flu
Time period was March 1918 to Spring 1920 (final stages of WWI)
Infected 500 million people and killed around 20- 50 million (3-5% of the worlds population at that time).
It affected countries like Germany, Britain, France, U.S., India, Japan and Spain.
It was most deadly for people ages 20-40 years old.
Spanish Flu
Best first recorded case occurred in Fort Riley in Kansas where soldiers were trained and sent to Europe to fight in the war. On March 11th, 1918 a cook, Albert Fitchell came down with what seemed like a bad cold. Within one hour a bunch of other soldiers came down with the same symptoms. Within one week 1127 people at Fort Riley were affected and 46 died and that was the start of this awful world-wide devastating disease.
Symptoms are such extreme fatigue, fever, and headache that victims would turn blue. So blue you couldn't tell the patients original skin color. Blood came out the mouth, nose and ears.
To maintain morale in the world, wartime censors minimized early reports of the illness and mortality rates in Germany, Britain, France, and the United States. But meanwhile in Spain, papers were free to report to the rest of the world about the illness and mortality in Spain. Making it known around the world as the Spanish flu even though it was a world-wide pandemic.
First recorded case
Why it was called the Spanish Flu
Facts about the spanish flu
675000 Americans died which is 10 times the amount of people in WW1.
It killed more people in 24 weeks than aids has killed in 24 years.
It killed more people in one year than the black death plague killed in a century.
Spanish flu is a big part of the book. That is what everyone is dying from in the book. Sgt. John Wilson lies about Polly getting sick when really she is dead. People back in Scotland are worried that John and Polly are sick with the Spanish flu.
How Spanish Flu relates to the book "The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson
It is one of the deadliest medical natural disasters of all-time and is a strain of H1.
The spanish flu produced a cytokine storm (which means the immune system goes crazy).
It was also known as la grippe.
What is it?
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There were no effective treatments at the time except for 1. That is why so many people died. Blood plasma reduced the rate of mortality of this deadly flu by 50%. It simply just puts healthy blood into your blood stream and that helps victims of the flu recover.
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