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Daily Life in the Early Modern Era

No description

Jessica MacMillan

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Daily Life in the Early Modern Era

Daily Life in the Early Modern Era
communities were close-knit and dependent upon each other
people who were different or did not follow social norms were treated harshly
hard times often led to violence (i.e. during famine if a baker is accused of hoarding villagers will band together and ransack the shop
New religious beliefs stemming from the Protestant Reformation reached towns.
Protestants and Catholics argued over which religion the town's people should follow.
Serfdom was declining but peasants were trapped in poverty.
In villages people struggled against nature to survive. They never knew what could happen next.
ex. a cow would get sick, crops might not grow, etc.
People used superstitions to explain and control their lives
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