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Chris Brown's Rise And Fall

No description

Amelia Bradshaw

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Chris Brown's Rise And Fall

Chris Brown's Rise And Fall
Tragic Hero?
The Widely Known Cause Of Browns Downfall
The event that changed his life occurred all because Brown could not control his anger
Whats Happening Now?!?
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Great Success!
Terrible Downfall :(
Past Repeats-_-
Has He Learned From His Mistakes?!
Chris Brown was the young appealing new pop sensation, and at the time he was thought of as innocent; However that image was quickly discarded when he became the face of domestic violence
Brown has an affinity for physical violence
Which was unknown before his shocking outburst with Rihanna, who was his girlfriend at the time
What was Browns Tragic Flaw??
Rihanna suspected that Brown was texting another woman
She asked to see his phone and would not drop the subject
Brown got angry and responded to Rihanna by beating her and even biting her
Brown is frequently getting in to fights verbally and physically
Brown was actually arrested in Washington,D.C .October 27, 2013 for allegedly attacking a man outside of his hotel
But ever sense Rihanna Brown has not been afraid to show his displeasure
After the Rihanna incident Brown has said he now knows that beating women is wrong ad that he should not have done that
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