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Women's Liberation

USA GCSE Lesson - the last one

Laurie Johnston

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Women's Liberation

All will learn about women's position in the 1960's and their liberation (C Grade)
Most will be able to idenetify reasons for the development of the movement to B Grade
Some to A Grade plus links and a judgement on the most important reason

Women's liberation movement
Make inferences from source C
Naheeda, Tina, Shanon, Safiya ,Tia, Catarina, Barbara, Jessica, Chenelle, Maria, Felece, Waad, Laura, Katheryn, Shery, Chloe, Rachelle, Shanara.
Noshin Dayana Siobhan Stephanie Onome Jasmine Iman Arjeta Maurelle Alisa Sarah Louise Rena Sylvie Jemma Lesley Carolina Angie Erica Denise
Adjoa Isabel April Rose Angella Candace Kenza Kimone

Reading pages 70-71
Now the 16 mark question

Women's liberation had achieved nothing by 1970. Use the sources and your own knowledge to say whether you agree. (16 marks)
Lets' draft a plan for this question:

Why did a wmen's movement develop in the USA?
What demands?
Reading Pages 72-73
How many dead where?
How many US soldiers dead Vietnam?
They can't...?
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