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Ancient Greek Architecture

No description

Amanda N

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Architecture

Ancient Greek Architecture
By: Meekha

Greek Stadiums
Athletic events were held
A good way to socialize with others
The first stadium, different levels were made out of concrete
The model was based on a football facility in Great Britain
Greek Theaters
Used for comedies, poetry, and musical events
Built on the slope of a hill
The orchestra was eleven feet below the front row
Different Style Columns
Doric Column
One of the oldest column styles
In Athens the Parthenon has this style columns
The design of the column has a rounded top, and fluted sides
Different kinds of columns
Ionic Column
scroll shaped design with a round base
Corinthian Column
designed like olive and acanthus leaves
Different kinds of Columns
Egyptian Columns
Designed after the lotus flower, which are like palm tree leaves
Romanesque Column
Used by Henry Hobson Richard
The base is shaped like a trapezoid
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Peripteral Temple
The external colonnade was one of the most innovated architectural designs
Columns were used to form a curtain like look around the building
Columns were usually used inside buildings for support
In this particular Temple the columns were used on the outside of the building
Temple of Athena Nike
This temple was built with two sets of columns known as dipteral that surrounds the section of the interior of the building
The statue of Apollo was housed behind these columns
Acropolis." Ancient Greece. University Press Inc, n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2012. <http://www.ancientgreece.com/s/Art/>.
The Parthenon Temple
The Temple housed the greek goddess Athena in the city Athens
It was known as the Doric style which had low steps on each side
Had a rectangular floor plan surrounded by Doric columns
Six columns were in front of each entrance
This temple was made with the Ionic style columns
This temple was a shrine built for a greek hero named Erichthonius
Six female figures called Caryatids support the porch
Temple of Zeus
One of the largest temples in greece
Originally in the Doric order with two rows of 21 columns long and two rows of 8 columns wide
The temple was changed to Corinthian style and was changed to 3 rows of 8 columns in the front
"10 Most Famous Greek Temples." Touropia RSS. Touropia, n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2012. <http://www.touropia.com/famous-greek-temples/>.
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