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Veronica Martens

on 4 August 2010

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Transcript of MS

Mountain Snapshots - A Photographic Journey Business proposal
presented by:
Veronica Martens
April 13, 2010
Mountain Snapshots (MS) is an adventure guiding company
catered towards aspiring wilderness and nature photographers.
Summary MS will provide a range of experiences by
operating year round tours within Jasper National Park.
Why Jasper? Jasper National Park provides a plethora of photographic opportunities to bolster ones portfolio.

It hosts exceptional alpine scenery, numerous lakes, rivers and waterfalls as well as a broad variety of flora.

The park is home to an abundance of wildlife including: elk, moose, big horn sheep, mountain goats, deer, bears, wolves and a large variety of birds. Jasper is a popular destination and so most of these animals have been conditioned to human presence. This allows photographers to easily approach the animals within range of standard long lenses.

It is an ideal location to fulfil the standards presented by our mission

Our Mission Mountain Snapshots mission is to give enthusiasts a unique introduction to the magnificence and opulence of the natural environment through positive, educated, low-impact interactions and hopes to instil within clients, a deep-rooted respect for the outdoors.
Target Customers Mountain Snapshots will target 3 specific customer bases:

Soft eco-tourists looking for a unique holiday experience. Generally adults between the ages of 20-40

Professional photographers looking to enhance their skills or build a portfolio in a safe environment with minimal impact to the wildlife

Photography professors in art schools and technical institutions

Mountain Snapshots will accommodate this wide range of clients by offering a number of unique tour packages including: single, 3-day and 7-day tours.

*Packages will be altered slightly from trip to trip to accommodate various physical and photographic skill levels.

Tour Highlights Single Day Tour

Our single day tour is offered for those clients on a time limit.

In the morning, clients experiment with the creative and technical side of their macro lens in a breath taking meadow.

In the afternoon, clients are exposed to extraordinary panoramic views from a unique lookout point.


Tour duration: 9.5 hours; lunch is included; clients are required to bring their own photography equipment

Cost: $550/person CAD

3-Day Tour

Introduces clients to a broad range of subjects including, a glacier, local flora and fauna, and a series of waterfalls.

Clients can capture the beauty of the lake during the ‘golden’ hours of dusk and dawn.

Clients are introduced to basic canoeing techniques and experiment capturing ‘Adventure in Motion’.


7 meals and accommodation are included

Clients are required to bring their own photography equipment

Cost: $1,500/person CAD

7-Day Tour

A variety of informal classroom sessions are offered throughout the week to enhance understanding of photographic principles.

Clients are given ample time to play in the field.

Photographic subjects include a glacier, local flora and fauna, a series of waterfalls, amazing panoramic views and action shots.

Clients participate in a three day field outing during which they can experiment with time lapse and situate themselves directly among wildlife using our unique blinds.

Clients are also introduced to basic canoeing techniques and experiment capturing ‘Adventure in Motion’.


Meals and accommodation are included

Clients are responsible for their own photography and basic camping gear. Tents and cook stoves will be provided

A medium level of fitness is required
Cost: $3,250/person CAD

Connections Mountain Snapshots will enter into a cooperation with Hostelling International to arrange discounted accommodations for clients.

Group size will be limited to 6 clients per tour. This eliminates the risk of monopolizing the hostel during tours and allows for more in depth interaction between the guide and clients.

A connection will also be established with local and national tour wholesalers who will promote and package my tours to attract a larger client market.

Discounted rates will apply to individuals participating in a wholesale tour package.

Mountain Snapshots is a partnership.

Marketing Mountain Snapshots will be marketed through:

Informational brochures - Brochures will be distributed throughout the National Park Information Centers as well as through the Hostelling International chain

A personal website

Attendance at industry trade shows

Posters in the art/technical schools

Finances Finances can be broken down into several categories.

Start-up Costs:

-Personal Photography equipment
-Camping gear: tents (3), Camp Stoves (3), First Aid Kit, Water Filter,
Rope, Tarps, etc

Operations license to work within park boundaries

Initial brochure design and production

Mountain Snapshots will initially be financed through love money and bank loans

Ongoing Costs:

Staff wages

Marketing: website maintenance

Gear repair

Vehicle maintenance

Business license

Costs on a per trip basis:

Client accommodation


Canoe Rentals – 3/7 day tours only

Transportation – 3/& day tours only

Future Spending:

Photography equipment to rent to clients

4 canoes, paddles and life jackets

Competition The main competitor is:

Canada Photo Safaris (CPS)- North America’s Premier Wildlife Photography Adventures.

CPS is based out of British Columbia but one of their tours takes clients in through Banff and Jasper.

CPS offers 5 different tour packages ranging from 4 to 7 day trips.
Tour costs range from $480 to $3,200 per person.

Indirect Competitiors Great Canadian Wilderness Adventures:

Operate out of Nunavut

They run 9 day photographic expeditions ranging starting at $4,000.

Yexplore - Yosemite Adventures:

They operate out of Yosemite National Park

They run 4 hour trips which start at $250.

Other Concerns Staffing:

General Manager

3 Trail guides - photography and wilderness experience required

A book keeper


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